How to put Baja lights on your yz

why not run a 8" hid light that runs off of battery? cost 600-700

trailtech sells them and cyclops motorsports sell them

Won't last long enough for running all night like in Baja

I'm not even looking at it for Baja really...

I could certainly run my light off of batteries, I have an X2/Orion HID, but there is just something comforting about riding out in the dark and knowing that your bike light isn't going to run out of batteries.

Looks like the right hand crank and rod is the same on both the WR and YZ, so an aftermarket hot rod crank/rod kit would work just fine without having to press on a new end and true it.

What's the difference in the cranks? It looks like there the same.

The left side crank axle is longer and the taper that holds the stator is larger, this to accommodate the starter drive and carry the weight of the larger rotor.

Did you ever get pics of what you did or do you have any pics of the set up now? I'm looking forward to do this since there's no other good way of keeping the battery charged. Thanks

Hey gary i was wondering what year of wr did u use, and is the ignition mandatory or can i just run without on??

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This information applies to '06-'09 YZ450 models only

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