I want more low end response

I have a 2007 YZ450F and I love this bike, theres only one little prob i have with it. It needs more low end grunt. It doesn't have the torque i want when i need to be up in a higher gear to clear a certain jump, but dont have the runway for it. I was just wondering if anybody had any suggestions out there. I'm prob gonna go for a twin bros exhaust I've heard good things but if theres any other suggestions or opinions out there please let me know.

The things you've heard about the Two Bros exhaust have probably been in connection with an '08 YZ450, not an '07. Almost any pipe will give give an '08 a mid range boost, but an '07 does not have the same handicap the '08 does.

I suggest using the exhaust cam from an '06 YZ450. It's the same profile as the '07, but the lobe centering is different. It should help quite a bit.

Another thing that will help, if you are running the stock pipe, is a DRD exhaust system. The full stainless is a very good value, and I find it adds to the low end while maintaining good high end power.

DR D and a 51 rear sprocket Zip ty card mod:thumbsup:

i put a HC piston in my 06 and the bottom end torque was really improved

a few ways.

a cheap way.. going up a tooth or 2 in the rear..

then a exhaust. dr.d is a good one.. if ur on the cheap. MRD is also a very great value.. he can custome spec u a exhaust for where u want the power to be. also has a lifetime warrenty..(but most any exhaust for the 07 will do something for the power delievery.not much but some)

then a High comp pistion will do it to but u will have to run race gas.

also might want to think about sending ur carb to ziptye and see if that helps.. its a good way to spend a 100 bucks..

theirs a few ways u can do it.. all depends on how much u want to spend.

i wasw able to still use 91 octane fuel without pre ignition occuring

I also have an '07 yz450f. I know the cam from an o6 would be more effective but I've been wondering if a pipe from an 'o6 would slip on without any major problems or jetting issues. If so would the bigger diameter help at all.

It might, but my instincts tell me it wouldn't help much if it did at all.

What about the WB carbon or aluminum pro. I've noticed alot of nice closeout prices since they were bought out

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