How much are you willing to pay to ...............

support your local dealer??

I just got back from my local Yamaha dealer(the only shop in town that is open on Monday) and they wanted $50 more for a pair of Dunlop 756's than Rocky Mountain MC. I offered him $15 more than what I could buy them online(including shipping) and he would not budge. You would think that a little bit of profit is better than none.

I think it's time for the local dealers to wake up and smell the coffee!!! I will probally buy my next bike online if I can save $500 +. I'm all for supporting my local dealers but I can not think of anything that they have done for me other than charge me more money.

I feel the same way about local dealers, you should support them. But then you can only support them for so long, I talked with my dealer about prices. More less they said if you can buy something for that price then go buy from them. My theory is, if you do spend alote of money at one shop I think the dealer should take off a couple of bucks. Im not saying every time you go in he should take off some money, but every once in while would be nice. Take a couple of bucks off just to let you know that he appreciate your business. :)

please know that dealers are essential in keeping a brand alive. there are people out there who do not work on their own bike...they need dealers.

when you buy with mail order or online.

you have a guy on the phone and computer

a guy in the shipping dept...then UPS takes over.which you pay for.

Dealer:hmmm lets see.

a finance manager, a secretary, parts manager,service manager,mechanics, parts guys, salesmen all waiting for paychecks on friday.

a shop and showroom to pay for,or rent. electricity ,heat,phones, insurance...

then you walk in and bitch about paying 20 bucks more for a tire.

figure it out.

walk in that guys shoes(the shop owner).then see why it's like that.

keep buying online....then wonder why the shop closes.

hell, maybe walmart will sell yamis and we won't need dealers.think about that!


do you make an offer on price when you shop at Dillards or another Dept. store? Motorcycle dealers operate at a net profit of about 2%.You seem like a guy that is trying to do the better thing by buying from your local dealer. maybe a new dealer would help.

do you make an offer on price when you shop at Dillards or another Dept. store? Motorcycle dealers operate at a net profit of about 2%.You seem like a guy that is trying to do the better thing by buying from your local dealer. maybe a new dealer would help.

starttman, your argument holds no water. I get all my parts from a local dealer that meets or beats the best prices I can find on the internet, and that's without me having to make them price match. The regular prices are great, then I get a racer program discount of 30% off their margin. (So that means they still make 70% of their normal profit off a sale to me.) But any regular Joe can walk in and get those good regular prices. They are firmly in business and expanding. Meanwhile, the other guys right down the street who charge higher prices sit around wonering where all the business is.

It's not my fault if the dealers who go out of business didn't know how to run it. I'm not paying extra just because they aren't good businessmen.

I shop around on the internet every time I need to make a purchase but I keep coming back to the local dealer because these guys do it right. It keeps them honest and it seems to be working.

I can certainly understand and apreciate the plight of the local dealer, but as other posts have implied, we can only support these guys for so long. After all, they're a business, not a charity.

I have begun buying everything online. My local Yamaha dealer has taken to hiring 16 year-old high school girls to work in his shop and he has expanded at an unbelievable pace. He has taken away the days when I could go into the shop and talk to guys who really understand motorcycles and their history and truly understand my needs.

The mechanic I have had for years was let go because he earns too much and a young kid took his place. I now drive 50 miles to the dealer in a neighboring community because he gave my old and expensive guy a job. My local dealer is more like a Wal-Mart than a Yamaha shop.

While I wish it were different, I'll buy from the guy who can give me the best deal. I try to buy from a non-California retailer so I can avoid our 8.25% sales tax. Some places will even give me free shipping if I spend $100 or more. Besides, shopping online is more convenient. I can order at midnight from my computer then come home from work a few days later to see my new stuff sitting on my doorstep. It's classic capitalism. The guy who best meets my needs gets my business. The businesses that best meets the needs of most people will survive. Those that don't, won't. Do you really believe I should pay a guy $20 more for a tire just so he can keep his doors open?

Don't even get me started on buying WRs from Canada...

I bought my tires from Rocky Mountain ATV as well. I have the added advantage of living cclose to the shop.

Yes, the shop. The place is huge and expanding. There are many employees. If you have a question, they will have someone on staff who knows the product. Need the tires mounted??? No problem. Need to know the ring gap on the weisco piston? They will do it. No new bikes or mechanic shop, but the guys are sharp.

The odd thing is this. I go to RM for their customer service. The added bonus is I save 40%.


We all know dealers are important. Good dealers are even more important. So why pay more for the same bike at one dealer then the other. They both have overhead that they have to pay for. IMO the dealer with the better price has a better understanding of economics then the other and heres why,

The expensive dealer is more concerned with makeing an extra 20 to 50 dollars right now where the less expensive dealer is concerned with making 500 to 5000 in the long run. Who do you think will get paid first?

Another thing is customer service, if you have repeat customers treat them and let them know that you appriciate thier busness by giving them deals and going that extra mile.

In the end the dealer with the higher prices won't be around for long that's for sure.


Most dealers just plain SUCK

Sorry Yamaben (Except Yamaben) he is the genuine deal

But I make no appologies for sayig that. I get 95% of my parts on line, Why becouse I save a bundle, so what if I have to wait a week. I dont need it that bad, if I do then I break down and go to a dealer.

For instance, I have to re-order all my clutch parts at a differant dealer.

Why is that

1: They ordered the wrong parts, even though I handed them a slip with the correct part numbers on them.

2: They never contacted me when the parts came in

3: They could not find the parts for two days

So this tells me a couple of things

1: They sold the parts as inventory when they come in

2: they lost my buisness

I now will travel 50 miles out of my way to order parts at a Salinas Yamaha shop.

I have only one more shop left In santa Cruz that I have not tried. If they screw me there, I am gonna by a DRZ they never need parts :)

EGO, great points. Ordering is the other issue. If I am going to shop at your dealership, you had better stock things!

Dealer says..I can order that (at 110% of suggested retail) can I! In fact, with the dollars saved, I can have it shipped UPS red from Yamaha of Troy.

Sorry, but every dealer has the same chances to do well. If they choose to do dumb things...

How long are you in the average dealership before your told NOT to do something??? ont go here, dont touch that, etc.

My dealer didn't even have valve shims in stock.

It depends on the dealer.

My dealer Sussex Yamaha bends over backwards to help me out. He has taken parts off of new bikes a time or 2 for me.

He can't match internet prices but he comes fairly close.

He sells my used bikes for a very reasonable percentage.

Unfortunately he is 40 minutes form my house. I have a Yamaha dealer 2 minutes from my house. The last time I was there I had to wait 30 minutes while these high school kids discussed their weekend plans. Meanwhile my 2 year old had crapped his pants. They didn't have the parts I wanted of course.

On my way out I took junior behind some cruiser bikes and yanked off his diaper and tossed it under a fake harley.

...On my way out I took junior behind some cruiser bikes and yanked off his diaper and tossed it under a fake harley.

Now that's funny!

My dealer flat out SUCKS! When I was in Denver, Vickery has all the parts, knowledge, etc. to help me with my bike. Here in Fort Collins, they hire people who should be working at Taco Bell sweeping parking lots instead of being behind the parts counter.

I can't even tell you how many times they have ordered the wrong parts for me. I now take my manual in and look at their screens and point to the parts I need because I can't trust them to do anything right. If this is the service I'm paying extra for then I'm getting ripped off even more. Places like this are not "dealers are essential in keeping a brand alive" If anything, these guys are pushing potential new bike buyers to other brands. This was my major concern with buying another Yamaha and so far it's exactly what I feared.

I have another small, local parts shop. I went in and wanted to buy a street tire. They were $50 higher than what I could get it for on line. I told the guy, I'd split the difference with him and he said, no way. I told him I'd buy the tire and come back and have him put it on so that's what I did.

I wish our area had a shop like Performance Cycles in Denver. Those guys bend over backwards to help me and their prices are very competetive. I've bought so much over the years and really appreciate their knowledge. The store is enormous as well.

Most shops will not install Mail order tires. Mail order tires are not warrenteed either. Many mail order places sell blems and or out of date tires but don't tell you that when you order. So if a local shop puts one on for you and you have a blowout or such he is held libel because he installed it. Many dealers will install a tire you buy from them on your wheel you bring in for nothing or a minimal price. Now if you expect them to install it on a bike expect to pay much more.

Ever had a mail order company send you a 17" tire when you orded a 18" ? I know of that happening and the mail order place told him to take it to a Dunlop dealer for exchange. ???????????? THEY ( the M/O place and the mail order customer ), expect a dealer to swap a tire they have in stock for a wrong tire shipped mail order ???? I know this has happend because I was in the shop when the guy came in. He grabbed the correct tire off the shelf and shouted across the room that the mail order place had sent wrong tire and told him to go to the local Dunlop dealer for exchange. , OK. They chased the guy out the door and stopped him. He was pissed because he thought a Dunlop dealer should be required to exchange tires at no charge. The dealer was stocking the right tire to start with and was expected to exchange for a tire that they couldn't readily sell nor return.



I don't mind paying a little extra if I get customer service. If I can tell that they are doing thier best for me and looked at all of the options and can't get me the right thing, that's ok. But if they look at me with that glazed over look and don't even touch the little keys on the keyboard and say sorry, I'm gone.

There are so many ways for a busniess to earn your money that it's just sad that most don't even try.

When a customer gets good service at a reasonable price it builds loyalty. Good service is the key and can be as simple as a phone call. Based on my experiences and those others who posted its no secret that some dealers have forgotten about customer service.

My large local dealer charges $120 for Dunlops, I can buy them online for $55, is the dealer expensive, sure he is, does he mount it for free, nope, its $30 and takes days, is that the service I want?, of course not. Does he hire young kids for the parts counter with the habit of ordering the wrong part and being rude, sure he does. There is also another large dealer who has all of the same except the young kids are not rude and are trained to provide good customer service, am I going to purchase tires off the floor, probably not, maybe in a pinch, but I do purchase parts and bikes from them. I like to take my online purchased tires to a super small shop to be mounted, while I wait, where I can also purchase the same Dunlops the large dealers has for $80 and mounted for free. I like supporting the shops that support me with service and fair prices. TERRYS CYCLE CENTER in PORTLAND, OR does a good job. BOB LANPHERES HONDA does a terrible job in my experience.

I don't have any problem getting tires installed by my local shop.

"Mail order places sell blems and or out of date tires but don't tell you that when you order" I think this is a load of crap. This came about 4-5 years ago when dealers realized they were losing money on tire sales and were trying to get people to purchase tires from them instead of by mail order.

My local KTM dealer at the time, The Dirt Broker got into a fight with the Dunlop rep because he was paying more for tires that he resold than he could buy them for through places like Chaparral or Dennis Kirk.

You actually think that Dunlop, Metzler, Bridgestone, Michelin, etc. send out faulty tires that will be used on sport bikes capable of speeds close to 200 mph? Can you imagine the lawsuits that would result from such negligence? Ever heard of Ford/Firestone?

It's a given that it costs more to have them remove the wheel from the bike v.s. you bringing the wheel in for installation, because there is more labor involved. This isn't new information. You pay to have the tire installed one way or another, much higher tire price or an additional fee for installation. I also guarantee you that labor rates here are much higher than they are in Jackson. So while many dealers there install tires for free or a minimal charge, it's not that way here.

The guy who brought his tire into the shop where you live is obviously a moron. Who in their right mind would expect one store to correct the mistake made by another business, just because they sell the same brand? The guy probably didn't want to pay for the return shipping. It's pretty easy to get on-line and pick the correct part you want off the screen.

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