How much are you willing to pay to ...............

Know this, these bikes are expensive, upkeep is expensive, and in this day and age we have a choice! Sure dealers need to stay in business, but their going to have to re-evaluate their roll in this game, and understand that straight out ripping people off is going to provide their shop with a quick demise..........

Most shops will not install Mail order tires. Mail order tires are not warrenteed either. Many mail order places sell blems and or out of date tires but don't tell you that when you order. So if a local shop puts one on for you and you have a blowout or such he is held libel because he installed it. Many dealers will install a tire you buy from them on your wheel you bring in for nothing or a minimal price.

--That's another sorry excuse to make a dollar, raise your hand if you enjoy paying $30 a fricken tire to have a shop mount your tires, with a machine at that (what's up with that!). NO THX, I will take 30 minutes of my time and a possible bloody knuckle long before handing my hard earned cash over to dealers!!--


Dodger :D:)

The only added expense when mounting your own tires is the beer. You can't mount tires without beer, it's unAmerican.

And theres the occasional pinched tube.

My story above was a street bike tire as I'm with you guys in the fact that I'd never pay a shop to change my dirt bike tire. A couple of Micro Brews and a good game on the TV in the garage and go to it.

The really ridiculous thing is that I had a buddy have a shop do it for him. They charge the same amount for a street bike tire as they do for a dirt tire. The kicker is that for the street tire, they balance the tire, for the dirt, they don't.

" And theres the occasional pinched tube. "

I pinch one tube for every two times I chang a tire. Glad I found a Gas station that changes my tires for $10 bucks. No way will I do it myself again. :)

Out of date tires??? Please explain this to me. The mail order places sell them by the truckload. Why would they stock a years supply???

On the other hand, my local dealer is selling 739f front tires (89.00) buy one, get one free. I imagine these babies are fresh.

Our local dealer really stinks. When we purchased hubby's bike and the HONDA warranty, the sales guy told us that this shop was the only place authorized to work on the bike since we had purchased it there! HA! But within 20 days we took 2 neighbors in to purchase bikes! (I think I should have seen some commission - don't you?!) Needless to say, when we bought my bike we drove about 25 miles to another dealer and bought for $900.00 less than the first dealership. For maintenance we drive the 50 miles round trip because the service is quick and friendly.

I'm with dodger on this one, I mail order because I get what I want and for a better price than the local shop can do. I have two big spoons, a five-gallon bucket, and a squirt bottle with soapy water. All I need is my new tire and 15 minutes and I am ripping again.

Competition is what makes our economy work. Would you let someone race in a main if they weren't able to compete, just because they were local? :)

I mail order almost everything I get. I just bought two tires for rockymountain for the same price my local dealer wanted for just the rear. Ok I went to them and wanted a larger pilot jet. I thought why mail order a little piece of brass. Of course they do not have one in stock. No problem the guy says " It will be in in two days". 7 working days later I have a jet. It also cost me $12.00 for this little thing. Support my dealers? I will buy my next bike from Canada and all my parts online. If wal-mart sold Yamaha's at least they would not be trying to sell them over MSRP. If people are willing to pay over then I guess good for them.


I used to be a mail order monster, anything and everything was mail order. Last March I ordered $400 worth of stuff from Rocky Mountain, though I offered the purchase to a local shop. At the time the shop was in a dirty old building in nowhere land and said NO!!! Since then they have moved to a central location and are always busy. I can go in and tell them Rocky Mountain's prices and 9 times out of 10 they will match it. Now the word has gotten out and the locals do a lot of business here. The funny thing is they will sell you anything cheaper than what it is priced, of course by doing that they move a lot more inventory. There are two ways to play the game:

1) High prices, few sales

2) Low prices, high sales

Just look at United Airlines vs. Alaska or Southwest. You get the same seat, but for vastly different prices. Southwest loads their flights, United charges to much to fill the seats. Guess who is bankrupt?

Of course some might choose to bail United out, but that would just be stupid!

By the way, Anderson's Cycle on Fourth Plain in Vancouver, WA for you in the northwest. I agree with Todd (The Pie Man), Lamphere's sucks ass! :)

You know my horror story with chaparral, from the XR 250/400 index? Well, I went to tell the story @ my local shop, and they too said that they would match any internet price. I thanked them for the info, and told them that I was more interested in the friendly service. I'm sold on local business, even if they don't have it in stock. It is nice to be said "hi" to, when walking in the store.


Sounds like you are in a room without a window and you can't see out!

Not all are out of date but if they can buy older tires ( yes, rubber compounds in tires get harder and brittle with age ) at a cheaper price they buy them and sell them to unsuspecting buyers. But some folks here don't care. Nor do I suspect they even want to know how the system works.

I agree not all dealers want to work with you. But find one that does and stick by him.

And no that isn't a load of "Crap".


Dwight :)

Dwight, I know tires go out of date. A freight company picks up from a local goodyear tire dealer before he grabs my freight. Many times I have seen auto tires in the back of his truck. Usually odd sized or expensive models. Goodyear scraps them after X many days.

I just have a problem with thinking the local dealer would worry more about his tires being within code as Rocky Mountain, for example.

Most of these companies are getting their tires from big distributer. I believe if the tires are old, it is from the distribution level. No dealer is going to order a year or two worth of tires at once.

Most people that deal with Chaparral have a horror story.

Sounds like you are in a room without a window and you can't see out!

I may just be a little slow this morning, I don't understand your point :)............


Dodger :D :D

Just helping you with the Op Ivy song title from your quote, that's all.

Ahh, Amen, that's cool man, very cool!

Man, I am slow this morning......... :D


Dodger :):D

Age is not the only consideration when talking about rubber getting harder or brittle. You also need to consider factors such as composition of the rubber, ultraviolet light and the atmosphere the tire is stored in as well.

I realize that you have a lot of racing experience from your signature and my "load of crap" comment was not directed towards you but the local shops that spew this garbage. I would however I'd like to know how you think the system works?

Unless motorcycle distributing goes against the standard way business is done in this country, the following guidelines come into play. When you buy a product for resale, the larger quantity you buy, the better the multiplier (deeper the discount). Over time, your discount level can be enhanced further by issuing blanket orders (large order that is broken up into multiple deliveries) that gives the supplier an idea of your longer term purchases. This gives you a deeper discount due to the fact that you are stabilizing the suppliers business by guaranteeing sales over a period of time.

There is no way that my local Yamaha shop buys anywhere near the volume of tires or aftermarket accessories that Chaparral, Rocky Mountain, etc. does in a year. Because of this, the local shop is buying these products at for the same price that the larger places sell to the public. I've seen this and discussed it with one local shop that I used to buy bikes from for years.

I've seen tires in my local shop with so much dust on them they'd need cleaned before installing them on the bike. According to your theory, these tires have to be better than what I'd get from mail order.

I'd be a lot more worried about the small, local shop buying out of date tires for resale because they are trying to compete in a low margin market.

My complaint is not with all shops and I agree with you that once you find a good dealer, it's worth a little extra money to get service and the knowledge they can supply. I live 65 miles North of Denver and I mail order parts from a shop there. Sounds stupid when I could get the parts locally. Why do I do this? They give me great service, on time delivery, tons of free advice and I've known the owner for years. I used to live close by and bought everything I could there because of service. He gives me a discount that makes his prices very competetive with the larger mail order places.


hi just noticed you are from jaksonvill my self and two freinds from uk came to florida to find parts for our bikes in 1998 it was faster and cheaper than purchacing in the uk at that time, We took a wrong turn ended up in down town jaksonvill and ended up beeing escorted out by policeman

we did find that most every shop we viseted for bike stuff wanted our money real bad

daytona fun machines where real helpfull and we spent a lot of money whith them the storemans name was victor nice guy we just dont have big shops like that

daytona fun machins

450 ridgewood ave

daytona beach ,florida32117

phone 904 238 0888

FAX 904 253 6796




The point I was trying to make was the Chapperel and such buy the older closeout type tires and blems to get cheaper pricing. They may buy a 2 year supply from a distributor that is cleaning out the Warehouse of stale inventory or blem lots.

Just find someone you can work with and support them. Then maybe the no service shops will get the message.



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