dumb question

my bike seems to kick about a bit at the back,,,, is this the rebound or the compression?

also i wonder if anyone can explane simply wot effect altering the rebound has front or rear

dumb i know,,,,, but i wud be thankfull of the advice

Sandracer, what kind of bike is it? A WR400? Also, what kind of riding do you do? Under what kind of conditions does that occur you know, ruts, rocks, sand, what? The question is probably not dumb but a little more information would be helpful.

im on a yz400 .

im about 230lbs and 6'2''

i think ive sorted the back end now..

also discovered my forks where set uneven,,,,one fork leg soft and the other stiff [PANIC][uneven compression settings]

i ride a bit of everything,,motocross & super cross tracks and am just starting to do some enduros in thick gloopy deep mud

i suspect i need stiffer fork springs

i prefer a firm ride , but currently have my forks 16 out on the compression and about the same on the rebound,,which i think is a bit much,and i find im pushing through corners,

any suggestions or am i just gonna have to bite the bullet and pay for some suspension tunning?

also anyone recomend a set of good tyres?

the ground here currently ranges from soggy deeply rutted watter logged mud

to hard frozen rock and root infested climbs

thanks for all the advice guys

Sandracer, sounds like you got your suspension issues worked out. I still have the stock tires on my 00WR400. Lately, It has been raining quite a bit here. They seem to work fine in the mud, rocks, and roots. I must admit though I haven't tried anything else so don't know what to compare them to. If you discover something better let us hear from you. In not so sunny Northern California, Paul :)

ive seen the light,,,, and it comes in the form of michelins s12's

i had lost a bit of confidence recently due to bad cornering,,, fitted s12's today and its like a new bike can corner the thing practically on its side


seven days to whaddon & we're both gonna die. have you made out a will yet!

i'm No. 258.



u instill me with confidence,

i was chatting to a guy who rides in the motocross expert on sunday,, and he said its an easy course, wide open [ mind you he would say that wouldnt he ]

everyone else makes comments from,,,,, ''you/we're gonna die'' [thanks taffy] to, [sharp intake of breath] ''wadden?,,,,,,,first race?,,,,,,,i wouldnt if i was you !''

im not sure of my number yet as im waiting for it back,,,,,but ill give u a wave as u pass me by.

What's going on at Whaddon this weekend, and who's running it? I wasn't aware of anything but might see if I can get a late entry. It'll be bloody wet up there, though!!


Hey Taffy where is Whaddon. Remember that my sister and brother-in-law are in Wolpit and would like to go watch.


99WR,WR timing,throttle stop removed,Uni filter,E-Series pipe,carbon air box,Pro Tapers,lights removed,YZ tank,13 tooth sprocket

just to let you know.....

whaddon is like a marsh at the moment.

(i live 5 minutes away)

the cotswold club is running a straight three hour hare & hounds this sunday at whaddon near milton keynes. it's about five miles outside heading west to buckingham i think.

it'll kick-off at 10am. last year i entered with three days to go. i paid all my fees when i got there.

the ground will be hell for 50% of the course for the first 1 1/2 hours & by the time it's rideable you won't really care.

sandracer do you have a camelpak. they are a god send & as a 16 stoner you will dehydrate rapidly. they are worth every penny. get them from off-road-only & get two teets while you're there; they always fall off. your crash diet starts sunday at 10 am!!!

the sad news is that when we ride there in exactly a month it will be the last time. the farmer has been refused permission to have anymore meetings there.

a real shame!


Gosh am i 16 stone?

maybe i need to work out how many pounds in a stone then, as im 15 stone,

yep i have a camel pack ,,,

oh and a full medic team for when i collapse and go into cardiac arrest half way round,

ive just booked off the rest of this week to get a bit of practice in prior to sunday, havnt ridden an mx track since november, however my woods ridding has gotten better

righto must go as i have a delicous ''slim fast'' for tea,,,,,,

Oh what joys. Whaddon. What a mess at the best of times. Very much looking forward to racing my lovely new WR400 though. Should be interesting to see if they stick to the claimed 96db noise limit! Seen the webiste with results etc from last year CEC riders?

By the way

What classes we all running in at Whaddon?

I am number 75. Clubman 4 stroke.

Good luck all - i think we'll need it.


i'm 258 in the clubman 4-stroke!

sorry sandracer, i thought you said you were 230lb's!



yeah taffy i did

but as ive now shown to everyone,i cant figure how many lbs there are in a stone....either that or i am 16stone and in denial.

anyway,,,as u pointed out ill be a hell of a lot slimmer come sunday at 1 pm.

You guys make it sound like its bad to be 16 stone! My 15st 10lb helps with traction and the good old Yammie doesn't seem to mind! Should I watch out for you then Taffy? Is yours the wheel I should go for off the start?

ok u skinny bunch just had my number in,,, im 154 motocross clubmen

[wishing i had got a fly wheel wieght now]


i can see it now, the old red mist comes down, the manic glare, the steamed goggles.

then i make my getaway!

works every time.


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