Colorado riding areas

Hey you Colorado folks.

Since Woodland Park and Rampart are shut down for the year, I need to ride elsewhere. Does anyone know if the following are open (not being down by the forest service and clear of snow):

Barbour Forks near Idaho Springs

St. Mary's glacier area

Georgetown area

Red Cone/Webster

Taylor Park area

Crested Butte

Rainbow trail near Salida

Note that some of these are not single track rides! But I guess 4wd roads are better than nothing at this point.


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Thanks Gee. Actually, I grew up in Grand Lake. I like riding those trails in the fall since they get crowded in the summer. The only one I really like is the Gilsonite trail. It's a bit short though.

I feel a dose of Rainbow coming on soon!


I can tell you that Red Cone/Webster Pass are closed right now b/c of snow-I drove up there 2 weekends ago. I went to Georgia Pass instead (North of Jefferson), it was rideable (some areas snow covered) but not particularly long...If your bike is street legal there are a bunch of county roads to explore in that area (mine isn't :) ) Other than that, I'll be watching this post for riding areas as well. Gee seems to know of quite a few areas around here-maybe he can offer some up...

Hey Bryan,

The Rainbow Trail was open as of Memorial day. There was considerable deadfall to the north of Coaldale, one we had to actually make a ramp and jump, I have a video if your interested! Also, the tree huggers had "relocated" some trail closed signs to the south, making navigation difficult. We got lost on a two hour detour thanks to them. :) Other than that we had a good time.


Check out the Grand Lake/Stillwater pass area, there is some real good riding up there, both ATV and single track trails, and it is about two hours from Denver,

Access: Take County Road 4 from US Highway 34 to the "Y" intersection of FDR 120 & 123. Stay to the left and take FDR 123 until you see the parking area.

Also check Ricks site for some good places to ride:

Colorado is a beautiful state with lots of good riding, now is the time to get out of Rampart and see what you've been missing!

Told ya Gee had the answers...


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We are doing a group ride in Taylor Park the weekend of 7/19-7/21. We will probably ride the Italian creek/Pearl pass/Taylor pass loop one day and neopolean pass/fossil ridge trail one day, if anyone on a blue bike or any other color for that matter, wants to join us drop me a PM.

Bryan - Rainbow eh?

Dont forget to leave some gas somwhere so you dont have to take the highway back to the truck! :)


Now that I've ridden the entire Rainbow, I know exactly where to leave the gas.


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Since things are changing daily in Colorado with the dry conditions here is a good web site to check with before traveling out.

We just had to cancel our annual trip to the San Juan Nat'l forest. Kind of a bummer, but very understandable.

Redcone/Webster pass's are closed because they are in the Pike Nat Forest. The top of Redcone/Webster is the border line. You might be able to get up from the back side through Breckenridge. Still kinda early because of the snow this time of year.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Say it isn't soooooooooo! There are no trees on Red Cone! It's 13000 feet! I understand though.


Does Yamaha make a high performance Moped? That's all I have left to do!



Yes Yamaha does make a high performance moped, it's called a husky 610, isn't it T.J.


boy am I gonna get flamed for that one!! LOLOL


Hey Bryan,

There's always Steamboat - Let's go I'm getting spring fever in the middle of June :)


I thought Red Cone / Webster was part of White River Nat'l Forest. Oh that sucks if it isn't. Is the backside from Breckenridge part of Pike? If so, I doubt you'd get through. The three Forks (So., Mid. and No.) all have gates at some point. Of course you could go around illegally, but I wouldn't want to get caught doing that.

Now if the Breck side is White River, then they should be open. Even in a heavy snow season, they are usually open the first week of July. So I bet they are open now.

What about Radical Hill and Deer Creek? What Forest are they?

The breck side is in white river NF, most of the jeep roads are open. There is some decent riding on the flat tops too, if one area in the state has any moisture, it would be up there.

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