Should I give up on the 426????

So my jetting has been weird for a long time, but it had always ridden really well. Then one day I took it out to the sand and was about ten minutes into the ride and it died on me. It was like it got too hot, or almost like it wasn't getting gas.

So I messed with it for a few weeks, cleaned out the carb and did all kinds of stuff and nothing worked. So I broke down and took it into the shop. The guys spent 3-4 hours working on it and could not find the problem. The shop is a good shop too. They tested all kinds of stuff and said without tearing the engine apart they would be hard pressed to find out what exactly is wrong with it. They said it got started but it would overheat really quickly and then would die. It still kicked over just find and everything, but won't keep going.

Any thoughts? I'm about ready to part this baby out. Don't want to, but I I really have no choice. I am thinking about trying to replace the coil before I scrap the beast. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!:lame:

so it runs fine until it heats up?

Rapid overheating would not be attributable to the coil. It could be a problem with the CDI's ability to correctly control the ignition timing map.

Another candidate is the head gasket.

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