dumb ? but yellow rad hoses for the yz

hey guys just wondering if they make the yellow cv4 hoses for the yz 450? ive been looking but i guess im missing them .also if you have any pics of a yz 450 SE with the yellow hoses please post them up..

thanks :lame:

Yes, they do come in yellow. Sorry, I don't have any pictures though.


thats awesome. i got a SE. those are going on my cristmas list! lol does any one have a web site or a company name?

CV4 is the company, you white SE guys can get them in white too, be warned though, the heat changes the color a bit.

If I had a white SE, I'd go with the retro red graphics and use the red CV4 hoses

white rad hoses would be sick, :lame:

Samco sports have a shop on eBay.

They should be able to supply what you desire. :lame:

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