Back brake pads

Is there an easier way to change your back break pads instead of taking the back wheel off? Does the caliber off another way?

I change mine w/o wheel removal by spreading the pads / piston apart, removing the pin holding the pads in place, and then roll the wheel backwards , the pads drop out. When you install the new ones make sure the front tabs of the pads are inserted into the slot in the caliper , then raise the back of the pads to line up the holes to insert the pin.

Do Not forget to pump the brake lever a few times before you ride , or you will have one of those warm wet feelings the first time you go for the rear brake! :)

:D AS need to remove wheel or take off caliper, pull the pin, retract the piston, in with the new pads.....the only time I've removed the caliper was when I couldn't get the piston retracted :) New seals cured that!


i supposed its the samefor the front pads???


Same for front.

BTW if you have a 98 the rear pads are a little different, held in by 2 screws but can still be changed with wheel in place.

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