Hahahaha, hahaha, haha

Too much money i'd say :)

With that V-10 motor, you would want a force field of some type for protection.

That's no motorcycle, it's a quad as I count 4 wheels on that P.O.S.

I think instability would prevent him from ever actually reaching 400mph. Concept vehicles are wild but I have to say this one is wwaaaayyyyyyy out there!

I wonder if there's a big bore kit for this bad boy?

Can you imagine doing hot laps on this thing around your block... Sweet........

thats just stupid!

I think it would not do good in an enduro ride, the tank is to small :) .

Nice to look at, but I bet the only time that beast has been ridden is on the stage.


This fits with Cadillac's 1000HP beast. LA Car Show. 1000HP Cadillac...can't you just picture a nice silver-haired couple cruising your neighborhood??

Mouse in a rocket ship

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