yz tank mileage

new owner of '00 WR400. bike has yz tank and seat. anybody know what kind of mileage with yz tank?

Where and what kind of riding are you doing? Are you Ty Davis or just a trailrider? The key is smooth throttle control. Unless your on the gas at high speed it safe to say you can get at least 30 to 35 mpg. :)

I will be trail riding primarily. However, the bike is street legal, and I will be on tne road. 45m.p.h. stuff. Thanks for the reply.

How wide open is the riding in NM? I have been to Taos skiing about six times, and started migrating up to Wolf Creek and Purgatory, always flying into Albequrque. Beautiful country.

I had gotten almost 40 mpg with a YZ tank, riding enduro's

On my YZ I get 45 miles comfortably, riding hard in tighter michigan trails. The tank is 1.9 gal? I just ordered an IMS 3.2, wich my riding buddy has on his WR. It is about the same size as the WR stock tank. He says 120 miles. I am hoping to get 90 out of her with the big tank. Mine does have a 97mm piston and I generally ride pretty hard. I did come into some gas stops at enduro's on fumes though. Just riding the roads you should be able to go 100 miles easy. This is just a some what uneducated guess!

Kris......we have just about every kind of terrain you want here. Lots of wide open too.

But right now BLM land is the only thing open due to dry conditions :)

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