Have tire, will turn!

I have had the stock front tire on my bike since new, not knowing that a "real tire" would make such a difference.

I installed an M12 Crosscompetition and all of my cornering fears are gone.

What tires have you guys had luck with?


I like the s12 front and m12 rear.

Front: D756, awesome in the desert and mixed riding in sand, rocks, and a little hardpack.

Rear: currently also a D756, works great except on dirt roads, where it wants to hang the rear end out farther than any other tire I have used. But it does reach a limit where it locks up and grips quite well. Just don't chop the throttle!

Both seem to work well in light muddy conditions.


I really like the mh-2 front and swap between ms-mh 2 rear.


Had lots of dirt bikes found mich s12 great all year round all surfaces front 90/ 90/21/s12 rear 140 80 18 s12 mich tyre size read differant to others not as big as you reed

have fun

Non winter use - M12 front / IRC VE33 rear

Winter use - Studs

Cookeye, my brother has one of those monster s12's on the back of his 426, doesn't appear to be to flash on the dirt roads compared to the m12, i found it a little skatie :)

Front 739 really is a DANGEROUS tire, whoever still have it up front should remove it now, I mean NOW!!! :)

Math :D


I am in uk our wether is crap all year our dirt roads just dont happen

frost and snow on patio NOW


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