What is a good Triple clamp for 2008 450F

I have a 150.00 gift cupon for Pro taper or Arai or Answer or MSR.

I was looking to use it on the Pro Taper Triple clamp.

Do you guys know of a better one or is this a good one.

Also should i look at just the top or there whole setup.

Thanks Greg

I've got the Pro Taper and really like it. You can adjust it fore and aft to dial it in. I would just get the top. The bottom is nice but it's really just a bling factor, doubt you would notice any performance improvement. Just my 2 cents.

Can you adjust the bar height up or down at all

are u looking to change the offset angle.. or just get some bling? if ur looking for some offset clamps.. depending on what exactly ur looking to get as far as handling.. applied 24mm, rg3 22mm and pc 22.5 mm offset.. are all good clamps.. i just got the pc 22.5mm offset clamps and they are awsome.. cnc machined and look trick.. as well as perfom..

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