06 Trottle stop

Hi All,

Just trying to figure out what part in my Yamaha owner's service manual is actualy the throttle stop? I have read through it and cannot figure out which part it is or in which diagram shows it I have read some other listings and they said to cut it down to 24 MM or to buy a YZ stop for me it would be just as easy to take it to the shop and cut it down. Also should that be done at the same time as the gray wire mod?

Thank You for your time.


If it's a newer WR, the throttle stop is a black allen bolt located by the back of the carb just to the right of where the airbox boot connects to the carb. I looked at my manual and it wasn't marked very well.

You don't have to do the grey wire mod at the same time but with your new full throttle capability, you might want to. It re-maps the ignition timing for better performance.

Hi Deserthound,

Thanks for the responce.

I took a look at mine the allen bolt your talking about its on the right side off

the carb facing down threads are going up into the carb?

Thanks Again

Thats the one. It should look like this when you get it out.


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