centering the front wheel

Grayracer posted a while back how to replace your front shocks. Part of the install procedure called for leaving the right side pinch bolts loose and also the botom clamp bolts loose while compressing the front suspension 3-4 times to center the front wheel. I was wondering if this would work in reverse order? For example loosen the bottom clamp, then the right side ( as you would look at it from the front) axle pinch bolts, compress the suspension 3-4 times, torque the pinch bolts and last, tq the botom clamp.

I crashed a few weeks back, bent my left side riser, I think the handle bars are fine, but I can't seem to get the wheel staright. I'm thinking it's crooked in the clamps and was wondering if this idea would work?

Or if you have a better way that doesn't envolve tapping it right/left against a tree, let me know. I've tried that and can't seem to get it right. Also when I think I'm close, I land hard and it seems to tweak again.

Loosen either the top OR bottom triple clamp pinch bolts (not both), and push the wheel back to center. Then tighten.

One thing to be aware of whenever you have removable bar clamps is that they can get twisted out of line as well (especially if they have rubber isolators in the clamp). One way to check is to remove the number plate, place a ruler across the triple clamp, and a carpenter's square against that. sight down from the top and see if the square is aligned with the tire or not. If not, the fork is twisted. If it is aligned, the problem is the bar mounts/bolts, or the bars.

jophis54, I have had the same problem you have. I still haven't corrected it. I replaced top,bottom clamp, bar mounts and stem. I have disassembled the forks to check if the tubes were bent. It seems as though I still have that slight off center tire. I'm gonna re-visit it though and properly check the alignment like gray stated. It seems if I re-set the forks, it will be fine, until I ride motocross. a big hit will send it right back to off center. oh well

let me know if you fix it. I did find that my riser is bent, so that could be why I can't get things just right. I did order one. Well I thought they came in sets of two, but IU guess not. The stock ones are $56 ea. Any ideas on a replacement set. The 08 doesn't use the rubber gromit style, and I can't seem to find a set that will fit the 1 1/8 bars. They all seem to come w/ a tripple clamp. I want just the riser/ bar mounts.

Gray, I'm having a hard time visualizing the ruler and the square. So, does the ruler lay left to right or front to back under the handle bars, and ref the ruler how does the square but up against it?

Check out I'm pretty sure that they sell bar mounts/risers there for pretty checp. I just ordered a set for my banshee there...

Gray, I'm having a hard time visualizing the ruler and the square. So, does the ruler lay left to right or front to back under the handle bars, and ref the ruler how does the square but up against it?

lay the ruler across the fork tubes all the way up against the top clamp, like a number plate. Then place one side of the square along the length of the ruler across the forks to the middle, so that the other side of it sticks straight out forward.

Jophis, I may have some lying around. I will look when I get home and get back to you. If you are interested of course.

I broke down and bought the stock one. It was available. I'm gonna try to ride after work today. I eager to see the difference it makes.

Do you have stock ones lying around?

Yes I do! Oh well.

Raise your hand if you have read the forum rules....

so today was the first day out w/ the new bar mounts. The wheel and handle bars were both straight for the first lap. (I take it easy the first lap, and check out the track conditions.) As soon as I landed the first jump the second time around the wheel shifted. It wasn't enough to stop, but it was enough to notice that my arms weren't even. I tapped it back staright and it was good till the first jump. After the initial shifting of the wheel/fork, if I don't straighten it out, it doesn't get worse. It only goes so far and that's it.

Any ideas. I've checked and rechecked all the bolts to make surte they were properly torqed.

Maybe the bars are bent. And when I line everything up w/ the bent bars I'm actually not centering it. Then when I land off a jump the forks/wheel straightens out.

Also I haven't used to a square to check i9t all out yet. I eyeball it, ride it slowly and check my arm position while trying to ride in a straight line.

I have experienced the exact scenario. I replaced the bars and still have the problem. I am determined to find out the cause now! As soon as I have time of course.

Raise your hand if you have read the forum rules....

I can't help a fellow rider out?

I can't help a fellow rider out?

Yes, you can. PM him.

The rules don't allow offers of any goods for sale, trade, or giveaway, or offers to buy anything, to be posted in the forums themselves. While your post would seem innocent enough, it virtually always snowballs into a mini flea market, and the site owners don't want it that way.


Ok, sorry.

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