Stock WR450 Countershaft Sprocket

Bought some Ironman sprockets and DID X-ring chain from the TT store to replace the worn out stockers. I went to replace the countershaft sprocket and noticed that the stock one has "shoulders" on either side of the teeth. The overall thickness is .53 inches measured across the shoulders, but the toothed section measures .22 inches. The ironman replacement measures .22 inches as well but does not have the shoulders (looks like a "normal" sprocket).

Any reason why the "normal" thickness ironman would cause a problem? Are the "shoulders" required for running the DID X-ring chain? :lame: Did a search and could not find any info on the subject. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I would think that you are going to have an alignment problem. Your chain is going to travel at an angle toward the primary drive sprocket. I would expect that you will see increased wear on the teeth of both sprockets and unacceptable side loading on the chain. I wouldn't run that primary sprocket.

I see what you are saying, but the alignment should not be a problem as the "shoulders" only exist near the base of the teeth. The middle of the sprocket (where it references the end of the countershaft) is the normal thickness. Yamaha put those features on there for I reason, I just can't figure out why. I know others on this forum have run the ironman sprockets and they probably work fine, I just thought someone out there could explain the design of the stocker.

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