I crushed my header yz450 03

I crushed my header yz450 03

Hi I cruched my header and I need a new one . the rubicon took its toll!!

what header is the best bang for the buck? fmf/ fmf power bomb/pro circuit?

thanks Bert

i'd try the freezer trick before i'd go buy a new one..imo

I have seen that before but what would work best for capping off the ends?

Plugging the ends isn't usually necessary, or advisable, although you may want to seal off the head end of it with plastic and a rubber band. It will take several trips through the freezer, and if it's really bad, it may just not work.

E-bay.....should be able to get a good used one for 20-30$ :lame:

If you like the stock one, but want it to be tougher, pick up a stock YFZ450 (quad) header. It is the same as the 03-06 YZ450F header, but it is stainless steel instead of titanium.

i got one one ebay for $35 thanks for the help

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