Cr*p I bent stuff

Well what started as a nice 40 mile ride ended with bent bars, hand guard, and front brake lever:banghead: :lame::bonk: Since I got to replace stuff anyway I want to upgrade a bit...1. what bars do you guys run? I'm looking for more comfort standing and the stock bars are to low (5'10" tall). 2. I want to reduce hand fatigue and lighten my clutch pull 3. I've read a little about throttle mods that change the pull (whats the real life benefit) 4. I want to clean up the look (GPS mount, mirror, starter & kill switch, vapor computer and hand guards) any ideas pictures...:lol::eek: :eek:

Thanks in advance for your help

crappy pic, just finished making a DS kit for my WR...will be adding a gps soon.


thats an Acewell computer, highly recommend it! the handle switch from electrosport...not so much. Its a piece of crap but it will work for inspection. Terrible fit, and super cheap plastic components. I will be looking for one from a new KTM. they seem actually built for offroad use.

you've got a ton of options.

most taller guys go with a tall bend on the handle bars with some kind of adapter, or riser. i've got the protaper high woods bend bar with some tusk adaptors that raise the bar a couple of inches. i'm 6 feet tall, so it works well, and didn't need to replace the cables. a friend of mine likes the renthal CR tall bar bend.

as for handguards, you'll find a lo of great choices. i like the cycra probends that mount to the triple clamp. i've also seen some great handguards from enduro engineering, and other companies. personally, i like the guards that mount to the triple clamp to keep the bar open for other controls.

good luck with whatever you choose to do.

I don't have a picture but get an under the bar mount steering damping and renthal CR high bend bars. That will give you the most lift of any combo for a good price. I have that setup on my 05crf450x and love it. I went with the over the bar mount on my 08wr450 becuase I already had the mount from my yz. Hand guards that mount to the triple clamp are definitely the best if you need room to mount stuff on the bars (mirror, blinkers, etc). For easier cluth cable pull replace often and keep dry or run a hydraulic. Hydraulics aren't always an easier pull but are consistent. my $.02

here's what I have on mine right now.




where did you get that blinker/horn switch??

I think that one is from baja designs . I have another one just like it I got from K&S .

Thanks for the reply's...I think hand guards that mount to the triple would be key to clean up the look and give me more room on the bars...On the throttle side of the bars how do you mount the hand guard end and trim the grips so it looks "finished and purposeful"? (you know what I mean...I had to trim the grip with a razor blade so the throttle wouldn't stick) Does anyone recommend fat bars? or is the benefit not worth the expense.............Oh yea can anyone tell about aftermarket triple clamps..can the help with turn in and single track handling?

Thanks again for you responses

my tripple made the bike turn shraper and faster it seems . they are a 20 mm offset . Now the bad I'm fairly sure the without the damper it would be more likely to jerk the bars out of your hands in the rocky crap

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