I just bought my kids Yamahas and was wondering were you guys buy your Yamaha parts. My local dealer sucks. Thanks Dan

That must be somekind of requirement to be awarded a franchise through Yamaha.

My local dealer sucks too. Bad.

I do internet searches, ebay, and here on TT. Somebody somewhere has been looking for what you are needing, and they can usually point to a couple of reasonable choices.

I think that we need direct access to the Frickin' Yamaha warehouse, and skip the middleman (local dealers).


My local dealer gives me 15% off all parts, accessories and clothing. In am a regular customer there. I even get 10% off Honda parts for my 125 shifter kart motor. I didn't buy my R1 through them but they still did warranty service and I bought many R1 parts, got to chat with them about a discount and was given the 15. Since then I have purchased a PW50 and the 426 and associated parts. Next R1 purchase I am going to see about a 20% discount. This can all be negotiated. A friend of mine negotiated a R1 and WR purchase and got cost +10 for 6 months.

Matt :)

I buy a lot of stuff for my Honda's and my WR426 there.

Click Here:Troy Racing

Anybody else???

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My local YAMAHA dealer (3 miles away )marks EVERYTHING Up 40-55 % to fund his retirement.....and he has a hard time understanding why I go 50 miles north to another YAMAHA Dealer where the mark up is only 5 to 10%to buy ALL my parts. I understand overhead and the need to turn a profit but Jeez... :)

The internet dealers save money, if you can wait for delivery.

Bonzai :D

The place with the consistently lowest prices I've found on the internet are at Riva Yamaha. I agree with Lewichris, too.

I think I'm very lucky to live in the Orlando area because we have quite a few bike shops to choose from. Some are better than others. Two shops in particular, Cycle Sports Center and Orlando Yamaha are great and have parts people who will actually go the extra mile to get a part for you. (e.g. cross reference a part off of a different brand bike that uses the exact same part as your bike does-just with a different part number.) Cycle Sports Center's parts prices are almost, to the penny, the same as those at Riva Yamaha and you don't have to pay shipping, plus I get 5-10% discount there. Like I said, I'm lucky to be in Orlando.

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Hey Rich, know where to get a radiator cheap? :)

Is that radiator a total loss or can it still be fixed? I'm guessing total loss. :) About $220.09 at Power Sports Pro. (That's $50 cheaper than Riva Yamaha.)

I,m just going ahead and writing it off. I saw $220 on Power Sports Pro too. I'm gonna try to get to C.S.C. tomorrow and see what they can do. Oh well, it was worth it - I had a blast! Thanks again to you, Jerry and the others for helping me get her back to the truck. :)

I've had good luck with North County Yamaha (in Escondido I think) 800-225-1629

and Montclair Yamaha


Prices are generally the same as the local guys or HLSM and Parts Fish ( I think), but in the past NCY has given me a considerable discount on large orders, so I get most of my stuff from them. If I have a difficult question I'll call Montclair, I'm sure they wouldn't want me to encourage this but I've had their technicians on the phone a few times in the past and they were knowledgeable and helpful.

But I don't think any dealer is immune to the "idiot behind the parts counter" phenomenon.

IMO and experience NCY has the largest, most well-stocked inventory compared to HLSM, Parts Fish, Montclair and the local guy (Mr. Motorcycle, affectionately referred to by the locals as Mr. Moron-o-cycle).

Also, a problem with on-line ordering from Riva, Parts Fish etc. is you don't know the status of the order. So I rely on phone orders, sometimes the voice mail at NCY picks up, in which case I just leave the PN or description, they always call back promptly to tell me if it is in stock or how far out the part is and are good at split-shipping or holding the order or any combination of the two according to what you tell them. They have only shipped me the wrong part once, so their quality level is running around 99.5%

I had the best luck with when I needed an OEM clutch. I did a lot of searching and they had the best price and I had great service too.

Tim Heslip

Just ordered right side radiator from Power Sports Pro. My local dealer (C.S.C.) wanted $268 and when asked if they would match PSP said $238 was the best he could do. $220.09 from PSP + no shipping charge!

I've only had good prices from a small shop in Fayetteville. Tn.

Whites Motorsports. Always the best prices on bikes both street and dirt.

Accessories not much different than internet.

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