Steering bearing help please...

My Steering bearings in my 08 are shot. I have never done this before but I got it all apart and the races look ok I think I am going to leave them no rust etc. I have the upper and lower clamp off and my question is how do I get the lower bearing off the one attached to lower clamp and steering stem? I have it in a vice but I dont want to mess my stem up whats the easiest way to get this off? Thanks alot.

Yep they're a pain in the butt. I just took the tripple clamps off of my parts bike and was wondering the same thing. About 15min with a 2lb sledge and chizzle did the job lol:thumbsup: So I would suggest taking the bottom clamp off but that's just me:ride:

Chisle works good, just takes a bit of time. you can also use a grinder, bust the cage on the bearing so you can get to the inner race then grind, paying attention to not grind into the stem (if you nick it a little it will be fine to freak out). When re-installing, put the lower triple in the freezer and heat the bearing a bit. pull the tripple out of the freezer after an hour or so and put the seal on then just drop the bearing on, should just about seat it self with little help, might need a little tap.... Why would you not replave the races? you have it down and i believe the racescome with the bearings. A long sturdy screw driver or a drift punch will have them out in about 30 seconds....

Matt - do not use the existing races - they will trash the new bearings, regardless what they look like.

Lower bearing needs to be pressed out and then new pressed in. Any machine shop will have a hydrolic press

I also made a race remover by buying a 20inch long section of 1.5-1.75/2in steel pipe from homedepot, had it cut on their pipe cutter(makes a nice sharp edge). Butt the edge right up to the top and bottom race inside the head tube and pound them out. Takes 35 sec....

Use the old races to install the new by pounding the top of the old race to the new...they go right in.

lube the bearings up good.....this will need to be done every 8-10hrs of riding. I found that Amsoil synth grease (blue) holds up longer than any other grease....Belray breaks down the quickest

Thanks Guys I replaced races, and bearings not as bad as I thought. That TT tip with the pipe for removing the races is the trick

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