02' 426 bogging at 3/4 and up throttle

Heres my scenario,

I had not ridden for about 2-3mo

the gas had been drained

put fresh gas in

when I went to ride it started just fine and during my first session i just putt putted around with no problems seemed to be running good

during my second session i started to pick the pace up a little and the bike started to bog and sputter when i would get on it coming out of corners.

i changed the plug, it looked a little rich, but then it always has

during my third session I thought the problem was fixed but a couple of laps in it started to do the same thing.

It starts and runs fine, it just boggs when i hammer down on it, as i am writing this i begin to wonder if it happens when it gets warmed up or if I am just not getting on it soon enough to notice it in the beginning.

I am going to pull the carb and clean it up good especially the main and needle jet. I guess my real question is this, could it be the CDI or something electrical?

any ideas would be much appreciated



It's almost certainly the carb. It could have something to do with a cold engine, but most likely, it's the main jet and/or needle jet partially blocked.

thanks grayracer

there did appear to be quite a bit of build up in the main jet. I will re-install the carb tonight and run it. hopefully it will be fixed, if not I guess i will start trying to find the best price on the CDI box?


seriously doubt its the cdi.

sounds like classic "trash in carb"

I had that problem once... the plate in the home brew PowerNow I had on the bike had bent upward. I removed it and threw it out, it never did anything for the bike anyway. If your bike has something similar I'd at least check it out.

99 -- I sure hope your right, we will see this afternoon

cowboy-- I dont have any of those powernow inserts just a boyseen quickshot.

I really think it is the main jet it was pretty clogged up.

thanks alot though for yalls inputs I appreciate it. I will update tomorrow after the test ride tonight.

I keep trying to talk myself into a new bike but I just cant get rid of this ol faithful thing, its probably going to take a catastrophic (sp?) failure before I can part with it I have become really attached to it.


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