(POLL) New Main Index Thread (Wish List)

Would you like TT to add a new section to the main index called "Group and Area Rides" --

Under this heading have it broken down by state as well as a TT'rs section for broadcast anouncments.

Example :

Group and Area Rides

|_BroadCast Events






|_ ...

This would provide a single place where interested TT'rs could post rides, or even find rides.

If you would like to see this happen -- Post a "single" reply---

Once we get enough I will forward this on to TT...

I am going to post this on all threads....



I think that is a great idea. But first I would like Thumper Talk to fix the speed of this site. It has been brutully slowwwwww open up lately! :) How am I supposed to get any work done when I have to wait so long? My superiors are beginning to wonder! :D

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