EA Sports commercial

Has anybody seen the EA Sports commercial for the new Free Style video game? I can't believe it! It shows Bikes starting forrest fires,chasing animals and roosting bunnies.Talk about the wrong message we need to be putting out. I am looking up there E-mail and phone number now to tell them the harm they are doing to our ability to ride.

I have seen it on speed channel and ESPN2.

Yeah.....I saw it about ten times tonight on two wheeled Tuesday. Poor taste and very poor timing in my opinion. :)

Hell...Now that I think about it...

I have never seen a Gatoraide commercial with Dirt Bike Riders in it....Damn, Thats discrimination...

Lets Boycott them Too :)

Here we go again....

Bonzai :D

tychris - When you find that e-mail post it so we can all bombard them with hate.

Since thats what were full of since we roost bunnies.

Let's find out who the Marketing Director for EA Sports is. Then thank him (or her) for contributing a positive message about dirt biking.

The earth-burgers in So Cal have been trying to close Saddleback. I can visualize the next Orange County Council meeting...

Earth-burger to council: ...as you can see by this commercial, the main sponsor for the Supercross series is advocating destruction of natural resources and wildlife.

At a time when we are losing places to ride, why is a so called "industry promoter" providing fodder to the groups who want to shut us down?

Contact www.easports.com message board and thank them for their positive message.

This guy looks just like me:



Well, that's how I ride around my neighborhood anyways, no helmet or shirt to show off my tats, and in shorts.

Lets not forget its only a game.

And that would be me on the right after clipping that huge kicker with my rear wheel. :)

I just saw that damn thing. I can't believe that. Even if you weren't a greenie, it would give you a bad image in general of the rest of us.

Who wants to go Moto-Rabbit Huntin with me this saturday....

See if we can leave a little red roost along the trail....

Bonzai :)

Is my bike the only one that shoots 4 foot flames. I will take up the offer Bill.

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Originally posted by YAMAKAZE:

Hell...Now that I think about it...

I have never seen a Gatoraide commercial with Dirt Bike Riders in it....Damn, Thats discrimination...

Lets Boycott them Too :)

Here we go again....

Bonzai :D

what about mountian dew. just hikers and bike riders. i am going to go dump it down the toilet.

I work in the ad industry and did some work for the company that does EA sports campaings. I actually did some work on some EA stuff last year that how I know this information. The company who is responsable for this misrepresentation of dirt bike riders is TBWA/Chiat/Day advertising and the parent company is Omnicom which owns about 75% of the ad industry. They also own a good portion of Nissan since they bailed them out a few years ago. Anyways back to the good contact information.:

TBWA/Chiat/Day Advertising

5353 Grosvenor Blvd

Los Angeles Ca 90066

The chief creative who approaves everthinng is Lee Clow lee.clow@tbwachiat.com

Gerry Gentile is also up there

call 310-305-5000 to get their extension

Jeremy Miller (jeremy.miller@tbwachiat.com) is head of PR (Based out of NY but works from LA and San fran office) you can get a hold of him by calling the front desk;

(310) 305-5000 they should be very helpful you could even ask for the people who handle EA Sports ( some may be in the San fran office)

Some chief producers are:

Richard O'neill richard.oneill@tbwachiat.com 310-305-5000 ask for them

Elaine Hinton elaine.hinton@tbwachiat.com 310-305-5000 ask for them

Head Editors:

Hunter Yankopolous she is in charge of all editors (Shes a sloth) call front dest and ask for venice beach editorial

any other VIP ill add when i think of them, hope this helps post your experiences with this great company


a little bitter are we???

Thanks for the info Burnt,

I am setting extra preload into my email so it go faster over the internet.

The other possibility is the marketing guys are trying to get the kids to pay attention. The kids today are so jadded by mass marketing unless it's completely over the top they ignore it.

Anyone seen the ad for the video game 'aggressive in-line' featuring skaters shooting sparks from the wheels? The tag line is 'what your mama don't know won't hurt her' This is a bad image for these guys too.


Hunter Yankopolous? is that a real name? it sounds like a bad porno name.i LMAO at that commercial.i think youre all taking it a little too serious, besides, have any of you seen the FMX guys? not exactly someone i want my daughter bringing home.

sarcasm,sincerity, it is all too fun to read.

thanks. they are idiots for running such an obviously destructive ad....if you run over an endangered eastern rattlesnake on purpose, could get a gig on the tv commercial?

Hey Clarkster.......were all sitting down here in New Mexico/Colorado/Arizona and we can't set foot in the forrests because the sky is filled with smoke and flames.........can ya blame us for being a little sensative? :)

The commercial is in poor taste to say the least.

Good work!!........the ad has been pulled :)

when i went ot he u od A there was mountian dew cups with fmx guys on it for the gravity games. i also remeber tv adds for it too. some odd song with 3 guys doing tricks. i know the game looks bad but you have too loook at the marketing group. these gameas are marketed to the same people that play skate games. it may send a bad message in one way, but looks funny to kidds. even thought they whouls have no intention of doing these things in the real world.


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