porblem... mayb front wheel bearing?

when i ride my front tire kinda whines... think its my bearings? or wat?

Put the bike on a stand, spin the front wheel.

If it makes noise try removing the front brake caliper (2 bolts)

Spin again....if it still makes noise its your bearings.

ya ill try it... where and wat brand of wheel bearings should i get? and should i get front and back?

Anybrand will be fine. Check Rockymountain.com or thumpertalk store

Usually you check your wheel bearings anytime you have the wheel off the bike. When the wheel is off the bike stick your thumb in the hole and turn it. It should be nice and smooth with no lateral movement. It is feels bumpy or uneven when rolling it is time for new bearings. It it makes a noise its real bad:cry:

If your back wheel bearing spins nice and smooth there is no reason to replace them.

And anytime you put a wheel back on puts lots of waterproof grease in the hole around the bearing for longer life.

There should be a step by step to replace bearings somewhere on this site.

alright ill def try that. but ya rockymountain bearings?

thats what the man said....

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