OT new years resolutions

hooray for me!!! I have now been smoke-free for 7 days!!

how are you doing on your resolution!!!


Mine was going great until I got a flat tire on my Mountain bike 2/3 of the way to work. I had to have the wife come get me and now I have to buy a new tire and tube. Bummer. There's always tomorrow. :)

Hey Racemile(overwhelming laughter)how's that diet going? Still eating everything in sight? Are you ever going to be able to make it up a hill?


OPPS, I'm sorry your your on a Yamaha. :D

racemile, i got off the smokes 3 months ago and i know its not easy, just remember this one thing when you get tempted, "its easy to quit just stop lifting that thing up to your face", worked for me and i feel great, riding becomes a breeze and you just want to do more :):D

Pumpkin head,

I would love to get some more lessons from you on how to ride up a hill, but, :D I have been putting in fenceposts and patios for oh thats right!!! :) YOU :D

As soon as you feel like its not to cold, or, etc...... please feel free to come teach big brother a lesson......hopefully that will be sometime before they start using electric motors in these motorcycle things...

Did you want me to take that pumpkin out so it starts remembering what dirt is???


Pumpkin head,

Instead of letting those new knobbies rot off in your garage, why dont you give me that tire and I will put it on a beast with enough stuff to wear the knobbies off??



Yeah, what he said Pumpy :):D

Racemile,are you in there?

Someone must of used mind control on you because you must not know who your talking to. Remember me,the young guy, the skinner then you guy, the family favorite, the one that waits for you at all of the trail heads. The one that lets you go first up the hills so I can watch you crash and then I can ride right by and shoot some roost at you while laughing. As fas as the nobbies on my wheels, they look like that because I'm mostly in the air when I ride. BTW, have you figered out a way to beat your daughter on her TTR125? I hope it's not making her crash like you did last year. You mean OLD man.

BBW, Hey I seen some posts where some guys are starting to get their WR450s, have we confirmed that they are actually blue and not orange? Did KTM remember to put Yamapuke on the sides. So I hope we can all remain friends after I pass you guys on the WR450 with my orange monster.

I really do love you blue guys, I love to run you over, I love to pass you up, I love to sit there and watch you go through your "Starting Drill", I love..........


I have not farted in public once since jan 1

My wife is starting to trust me again

Congrats on not smoking keep it up your lungs will love you for it

Ohhhh pumpy, you make my day, now get that orange ugly fat womans toy outa my face before all the teeth snap off the e-start. :):D oh and no starting drill here with my auto decomp :D :D

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