Lowering the 400

I've been exploring ways to lower the height of my 400 a little. Someone suggested that before I do the more costly suspension mod of cutting springs etc, that I try this:

1) shave the seat down some.

2) soften the preload spring which lowers the bike while sitting and tighten the rebound and dampening slightly to help make up for softer preload.

3) lower the forks in the triple clamps 5 mm. I have already done this one to improve turning in tight stuff.

With these changes I've been able to lower the bike a little - feet are near flat footed now.

Will this totally screw up the handling characteristics or are the mods OK if done in moderation?


I had my 98 WR400 suspension sent to ACME Suspension, they did wonders with it. Lowered the overall ride height at least 1", and the suspension work was awesome. I highly recommend them, especially it you ride Hare Scrambles, or Enduro's. I would contact ACME about it. That way you do not have to mess with any other components.

Have you considered shortening your subframe?

Hick -

you talking about cutting/welding and that type of stuff? this is one of the more complicated/expensive modifications I was trying to first see if I could avoid.

Have you had success with this.


Originally posted by mikem:

Hick -

Have you had success with this.


No (I'm 6'1" :) ), but Taffy shortened his subframe, either had it done or did it himself. If I remember correctly he posted some pictures...

OK there Big DOG....Heres your Solution

Platform MX Boots and a loud exhaust system....

Theres a shoe shop up on Mansell Road that can raise the sole for you. You'll just have to raise the shifter about 4 inches.

Verticle imparement is caused by : Not eating your Wheaties.....

PS: The loud exhaust is to scare the rabbits off the trail so you don't leave "Red Roost"

Bonzai :)


You must be talking to my local riding buddy who says I can get some rock group KISS boots from a Halloween store and they should work. Thinking about wearing the whole outfit, makeup and all. That should help our case with the eco-tree huggers.

Thanks for the photos Taffy.

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