no 450 ride reports yet?

I know some of these bikes have been delivered because a dealer in the midwest has them in stock. I'd really like to hear ( as would we all I"m sure) about the new 450 and how it performs. Anyone...?

Any proof this dealer has "in stock"??

IMO this bike is not on shore yet..but soon. :)

Dealers are DUMB, for the most part. Since the US entry port is California, thats where bikes should be first. They are transported West to East, then East to Midwest I am told. Salesmen have said they are in and it's a 02WR not an 03. I called a dealer last night in California, and they don't have any computer codes showing up that a 03wr will be sent to them in the next 2 to 2 1/2 weeks. If thats the case I feel there aren't any 03WR's ready for delivery in the Midwest. I have called all the large dealers in SouthEast Michigan and they are not available here yet. I hope your right on that but I don't think its the case.

There is a ride report from Japan in Cycle World, but I wouldn't but the mag for it. Its only 2 pages and the only thing it said that you can't read on the Yamaha WR 450 web page was the Japanese test rider thought the ride was stiff.

WR 450 in the midwest? Where?

In the mean time, if your looking for something in between I have over 60 440 reviews. :)

go to, the dealer is Honda East in OH.

They may have gotten their hands on some of the test bikes.

Honda east says that the new WRs have not been released yet. They told me they have a waiting list until March or April.

Dito called them too I hope for one at the end of the month..

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