Master Link????

I am having a heck of a time finding the master link on hubby's chain. We have both looked and had the FIL look. Anyone want to venture a guess as to where it went?!?! Suggestions for removing chain for cleaning???


Stop looking. The stock 650R chain doesn't have a master link. If you want to take it off for cleaning you will have to break it or remove the swingarm.


Your welcome :)

There's a thing called an owner's manual which makes it quite clear that there is NO master link on the XR650R.

Also, the chain can be properly cleaned WITHOUT removing it. I am confused as to why you are wanting to remove and clean the chain? It's an O-ring chain, clean the exterior of it gently, and re-lube it. Don't brush it hard or use high pressure sprayer on it, the O-rings will be damaged. once again, please consult the "Owner's Manual" for this service. Chain removal is NOT necessary.

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