Dislocated collar bone?

I injure my collar bone last thursday playing football and I got an x-ray yesterday. Im not expert like you are but is my collar bone dislocated at the ac joint?

Its not a really good picture.


A young person suffers a fracture through the growth plate.

Nonsurgical treatment is most often employed.

I would lke to see a better X-ray inclusive of what we call an

axillary view.

which one is that, they took x-rays from three angles. with me head on, with me turned around, and with me at an angle.

What would be the best way to get the x-ray on the computer?

put them all up

well my mom gave my chiropractor my xray but here is a picture of my injured collarbone and my healthy one. My doctor says the lump is from swelling but the "swelling" hasnt gone away after a month of icing it. I just want o know why that lump is there. My chiropractor said it was fractured and misaligned will that make the lump on my shoulder?





im not sure if you can tell but my injured shoulder sits a little lower than the other.

If your shoulder is hanging down like that, and the areas you circled on that X-ray is your X-ray,

then serious consideration should be given to getting that fixed.

Since you are 14, and a chiropractor is treating you, you probably have little control of you life, so it is a moot point.

so how can I get it fixed and what's exactly wrong with it?

The fix is easy, The arm has to be resuspended to the collarbone, so it don't droop. By doing that the fracture of the distal clavicle will be reduced to its anatomic position.

It would have been better to get to this before things got stuck in this positon, but its still able to be done just right.

You should get your Mom or Dad to read this post, and they can call me if they'd like. My cell phone is listed below.

Thanks for all your help Dr. Mark. I probably wont be able to get the darn thing fixed for 3 weeks at the soonest(football season ends). Is there anyone in the sacramento area that can do this? I dont think we would be able to go to Texas for a while.

I don't know any doctor out there that I, in good conscience, can refer you to.

sorry to keep bothering you about this but I told my coach that my arm needs to be resuspended to my collarbone and he wanted to know what you meant by that. I dont fully understand what it means either. A guy told me the joint isnt fully connected so it has to be resuspended so the joint will connect again. is this right?

The arm is hanging down and should seem longer.

That is what needs to be repaired.

Well Dr. Mark, my track coach wants me to get my shoulder fixed since it still hangs and pops whenever I raise it above my head. You said earlier that my arm had to be resuspended to my collarbone. Will this require surgery or plates in my shoulder? I need to know this so I can make a decision to keep on running track with it like that or get fixed. Im leaning towards getting fixed.

Sorry to bring up this old issue again.

It will require whatever the person who your folks get to fix it wants to use.

For me, two heavy number 5 sutures and no metal works all the time.

Thank you Dr.Mark. I will break him the news today.

My collar bone sticks up a little over one inch higher over my right shoulder. It's been that way for 3 years now. I have equal power and control in both sides exept when freestyle swimming. That's the only range of motion that is restrictive. I have a "walk-it-off" policy for injuries. Otherwise I would always be sitting around healing. I've raced over 300 hours in the past 3 years and I have never stopped a race for injury no matter how painful. Pride in mental control.

Well Dr. Mark I took your advice to get my shoulder fixed so my doctor had me take some more X-ray's. The collar bone is fractured again. My doctor is also making an appointment for an orthopedic surgeon to take care of it.

I went to the Orthopedic surgeon last thursday. He said it might separated a little too. I took an X-ray there with weights but he didnt give me any results. He is getting authorization from the insurance company for a CT scan. Is my shoulder injury really that serious. I lost a little strength, my shoulder pops when its lifted above my head, and my arm sags a little. Is it really that serious?

I don't regularly get CT scans for this.

But, you are in California where everyone is smarter.

I'm just a country doctor.

I don't regularly get CT scans for this.

But, you are in California where everyone is smarter.

I'm just a country doctor.

so you know what is wrong with my shoulder?

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