My new WR....I mean YZ

I've seen a lot of posts lately about going one way or the other (YZ vs WR).

I thought I would share the direction I went and the reasoning behind.

I decided to look at replacing my 99 WR400 and made the decsion that it was going to be a Yamaha but I was torn between the WR and YZ. In the end the difference maker was the delta in the weight of the two bikes. I felt it would be easier to WR a YZ then the other way around. I also have never had any issues with starting my bike so the button, albeit hard to believe, was a detriment not a positive. I went with the '07 based primarily on reviews I read about it's abilities on the trail and the tractability of the power. Another key factor was the exhaust and how quiet it was. I added the following to prep for the trail.

IMS Tank

Recluse Clutch

WC Skid Plate

Moose Rear Disk Fin

12 tooth front sprocket

Pro Billet Arrestor

MSR Kickstand

Regina "O" Ring Chain

Cyra Pro Bend Guards

Unibiker Hand Guards

WR Coolant Tank

Acerbis Headlight

Moose Stator

Brake Llight Switch

Future mods include lowering the footpegs and Pro Taper triples

to allow for more room (6'5"). I also plan to go a little heavier on

the springs due to my weight (215 lbs) and a dampener because

I made the mistake of putting one on my first bike and I can't get

used to being without one.

Here are a couple of pictures:

I only have 5 hours on the new bike and so far the power was a little

bit of a disappointment, I swear the bored WR (426) has more power and

the top speed with the lower gearing on the YZ is no where near the WR.

The jetting on the new bike still needs some tweaking and the suspension

is definitely soft for my weight.

The good new is....when I long for the WR.....I still have it.

Looks cool, how much did it cost for the road legal bits and how long to fit them?

It was ~$320....$180 for the stator, 80 for the headlight and 40 for the tail.

The stator was a piece of cake and wiring everything was a snap. You have to put a regulator and a fuse in line as well.

how do you like the YZ transmission? do you ever find yourself wishing for the wide ratio gearing?

wow.. a white YZ with plates, and a yellow WR in one thread... good thing i'm not easily confused!!

those are good looking bikes dude, i almost wet myself whenever i see the white YZ's, they are dead sexy and almost have me talked out of my passion for teh WR... guess we'll see when if i ever pull the upgrade trigger on my '99 as well

I think on wide open trails I'll ride the yellow (WR) one, on the tighter slower trails I'll ride the white one. I was really looking at the YZ as a better option for the single tracks and tougher trails.

put a new exhaust system it should wake up the beast!

both bikes look the same as the 1s in my dreams -:lame:

It was ~$320....$180 for the stator, 80 for the headlight and 40 for the tail.

The stator was a piece of cake and wiring everything was a snap. You have to put a regulator and a fuse in line as well.

Sounds good, i am very tempted to do this and it sounds quite easy and cheap.

Cheers. :lame:

I'm considering doing the same thing as far as buying a mxer for offroad and the track. I feel I made the wrong decision last time when I converted a 450EXC to a mxer.

It's always kind of a cool thing when you make your own frankenstein bike. I had an 04 CRF450r that I had set up for trails, and it was a lot of fun, but I liked my 07 wr450 much better. The CRF was way too stiff for a lot of the slower and nastier trail work, but it felt great at speed. I too was torn initially between getting a yz, or a wr, but in Ca the green sticker status of the wr, versus the yz's red sticker status made up my mind for me. I am very happy with my decision. I like the gearbox alot. I believe that with the older yz250 2smokes, a lot of guys swap out the close ratio 3-4-5 gears for wr426 3-4-5 gears from the corresponding year. I bet you could do the same with newer wr gears, and it probably wouldn't be very expensive.

Your bike looks smokin hot! I had the same idea but ended up going with the WR. My only problem is that I don't like the Yamaha blue. You didn't have that problem. Congrats from a new guy.

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