wanted:WR headlight

I need just the headlite for WR and not the plastic shell.

I have been looking for a good plastic front number plate for my '02 wr 426. Let me know by pvt mssg if you turn up a nice OEM one Thanks Mark

I also am in need of a head light. The glass in mine met up with a rock and the rock won. I know someoone has one just sitting in their garage. Would like it to still have the glass in one piece.



I have a 99wr400 #plate assy. (converted to street, baja designs) headlight and all

when i broke my headlight i just broke out te excess glass and epoxyed lexan where the glass was (scuff the surface for good adhesion). lexan is very tough and cheap compaired to the yamaha setup. mine has made it through 1.5 years and a number of rock hits without incident.

RLucky82, are you offering the number plate assembly for sale? I don't need a headlight, but I could use a new headlight shroud if the price is right.

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