Any MI people who carry insurance on WR?

So, I was looking the other day. Progressvie is charging me the MCCA fee for my WR. I knew I had to pay it on my DRZ because its street legal... but I was very shocked that my WR which should be registered as an ORV was being charged.

For those who don't know what the fee is, they basically tack on 104.50 on top of your normal insurance premium for a catastrophic claims fund.

I called my agent who was clueless, then I called the MCCA themselves who were also clueless. I now have a call in with the Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation. I got dumped to a VM with the person they directed me to.

Just wondered if all of us are paying the fee for our WR's. I know my freinds with YZ's are not being charged the fee.

I have progressive as well....also charged the MCCA fee....but my WR is road legal. I only carry extra insurance for my non-street legal bikes through my home insurance (fire, theft, etc) so I don't have to pay the fee.

I'll be interested in what you find out.

Mine will be road legal as well, but probably not until next year... at this point its really more of a 'why in the heck are they doing this' type of thing.

WOW, nice call on the Merkel, they weren't going to charge me an MCCA fee on either of my bikes, including my street legal DRZ.

Except I have one too many tickets in the last 3 years. One is falling off soon though.

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