Case guard

Case guard for 14T counter. Does Yamaha make one or is there an aftermarket one? 06 yz 4fit


The stock one should handle a 14. The 14T sprocket is larger at the radius by less than a quarter inch. They do make them in the aftermarket, too. Try Zip Ty Racing.

I have the Zip Ty, and I like it.

I run a 14T counter sprocket on a 06 with the stock case problem:thumbsup:

When I install a 14T I have to remove the case saver first and replace it once the sprocket is on.

So the zip ty one is plastic? Neither of them reference a larger sprocket.

I know it will work with the stocker but I went that route once on my 250F and the tight clearance mixed with some good old NW mud left a groove in the chain rollers. I'll figure something out. Thanks all.

So the zip ty one is plastic?
Yeah, it's plastic. Lots of things are plastic, like the springs in Corvettes, bullet proof vests,....

I see it as an advantage.

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