1998 Wr 400

I have a chance to get a WR 400 as a trade for a bike in my garage that doesn't get ridden anymore. Anything I should know about this year model? Good? Bad? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

I have the 1998. It is essentially the same as the later 400f models, but the hot start is octupused, the rear rotor is smaller, and the axels are a different size. As far as I know, everything else is exactly the same. I have a friend who has a 2000 and, between us, we've torn both our bikes all the way down and have not noticed any real differences.

Even though it's THE first real WR, it's still a great bike - still many being flogged daily!

FCR carb - first gen - plate likes to chip and suck through motor.

Solid though - and if you get it - it WILL get ridden.

I have a '99 and I am sure it is similar. No issues for me at all. I've beat it down and drowned it and it still runs awesome. Get it and ride it hard. They can take it. The XR of modern bikes IMO. KJR.

My 89' has a zillion miles on it with no problems (other than the afore mentioned carb slide problem). Probably the most reliable WR to date. Go for it.

I've got a 98 and love it. My only complaint would be the smaller axle, would be nice just to have more options to swap out. Just a question what are people doing to fix the carb problem? And how can I tell if I still have the stock one?

i just got my 98 WR from my dad. it runs like a champ other than after it sat for about 6months we had to go and get the carborrator cleaned because it wudnt idle w/o choke on. but we got it cleaned and took it out i rode it it was really nice, alot of power. its a hell of a bike IMO

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