Yamaha snags me again!

I have owned Yamahas almost exclusively (owned a CR 500 for a summer) since 1982 when I bought a leftover 1980 MX 175 to learn on as a young 12 year old. After 20 years I was ready to go put money down on a 2003 Husqvarna TE 450 because after kicking my trusty old Yamaha for 20 minutes after a crash at the Idaho 100 with a messed up knee I was determined to get electric start and the new Husky has a World Enduro Championship behind it. Then I see the new WR 450 with the magic button, mention of lighter weight, and think about the hundreds of dealers in about any small town in the US. I guess Yamaha will get my money again. Yamaha never lets me down (except when the IT disappeared).

I'm gonna do it too. It sucks I just spent 2500 bucks rebuilding the old 400, should have parted it out. After having a Katoom 520 with the button, I was spoiled.

Five of the first seven WR450's arriving at one of our local shops have already been sold. I'm glad I got my money down first... :)


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