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Being from Medicine Hat I've never ridden in that area at all.Looking at the website for that area there does seem to be some problems with land damage and people just being slobs and leaving a mess behind.As usual it's a few bad apples wrecking it for everyone.

We spend alot of our riding time in the Porcupine Hills,usually camping at the Beaver Creek campground.That area really is pretty quiet and for the most part people have been very good with respecting the land and cleaning up after themselves.The riding there is also excellent.We used to go north of Blairmore to the Racehorse Creek area but they logged the heck out the area and now the riding is limited.We have to drive 3 hours just to get any decent riding in and it really tees me off when people do things to endanger what riding areas we have left.The day they close up the Porcupine Hills(and there has been rumors of this) is the day I quit riding. :):D

Yes it is always a few bad apples that spoil it. I hate to point fingers, but it is mostly 4x4's that do the trail damage. Just a different breed. I won't go anywhere near the area on a long weekend, just a drunken gong show, and that is what's going to cost us an awesome riding area. There are miles of single track that you can't even see(or find some days), but all the pictures are taken around the "mud bogs" hence the abandoned vehicles and litter. The pictures do really show the worst of it, which tends to be in concentrated areas :)

That's one thing that's really nice about the southern portion of the Porcupine Hills,it's almost exclusively a bike area with a few quads running around.There are never any 4x4's running around looking to tear things up.We really are lucky to have it to ride in,just wish I did'nt have to drive that far to get there.

You are right there are a few bad apples which rune it for all of us.I have been rideing out there for about 30 years and seen it go down hill. The young crowd dose not seem to give a s#*t about it.The rangers have been threated with there life when they confront some of them about there mess or cutting down a green trees for firewood. I thing they need more rangers and give them more authority. or send out rcmp on long week ends. just may thoughts.

The Waiparous riding area has much of the same problems that Maclean Creek has. I dont want to start pointing fingers on who to blame, but from what I've witnessed over the years, the 4X4 trucks and the quad's are responsible for the most environmental damage out on the trails. It really pisses me off when I hear environmentalists complaining about how dirt bike's are destroying our recreational areas. And then there's the annual ritual of all the High School Grad parties in June that these two areas have to endure. I dont know how many times I've discovered entire campgrounds trashed from the aftermath.

And yes, every long-weekend, these areas are overflowing with drunken idiots, out on the trails four wheeling, hooting and hollering, while destroying the trails and getting stuck in the mud. :D:D:)

hey long time no see. check your PM's

I'll only ride Maclean creek during the week. I'ts just not worth it on a weekend. Too many helmetless quad riders. I hate to bag on those guys, but it's costing us! Plus that area has been logged alot. I rode Bartwell trail a few times and some of it is missing because of the logging

I have no problem 'bagging' on the 4x4's and 4-wheelers and I'd have no problem with increasing the number of rangers and authority needed to keep them in check. I haven't experienced the sort of enforcement you hear about in the states, but $#!^%&@$ I'd rather put up with increased personal & mechanical documentation BS over losing the area all together. Like you I don't bother going out on weekends as the wannabies head to the hills to demonstrate their ineptitude. For some reason they think it's cool to be stuck in some mudhole. Their actions will close huge areas to those of us that are responsible in the forest.

Keep up the good work Banffboy.. keep us informed.

I prefer to go riding up at Maclean. I can pack up, load my bike, drive, and be at the parking lot in one hour from my house. It's a rotten, dirty shame what the what the recent logging has done to some of my favorite trails. Major sections of the Barwell, Fisher, and Fish Creek Trails have been destroyed . :D:) It annoys me when people on afternoon radio talk shows call the area an "urban ghetto", when there's still vast tracts of unspoiled wilderness up there.

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