Picked up a 99' WR for $1000. Couldn't be happier!:lame:

Congrats...and enjoy your new ride:ride:

enjoy...i LOVE my bike....let the questions start!! do the free mods!

Lets see some pics!!!!!!!!

Yeah I will have to try and get some pics up. I am just having fun learining about the new bike. I have been riding an xr400 for years which I will always still enjoy but I like the the WR real well. I am still trying to figure out the free mods. But I will get there!

i can help...just did them.

shorten the throttle stop....the amount can be found my searching.

on the right side of the gas tank, remove the grey wire from the 2-wire connector that also includes a black...leave the black connected and tape up the grey end

remove airbox lid

remove exhaust insert or get a pipe

move exhaust cam one tooth right(search for more info)

Picked up a 99' WR for $1000. Couldn't be happier!:lame:

I feel ya man. I too was a very happy man but I didn't stop there, I spend a ton of money only to come full circle.

I once found a 99 YZ400 for $700 that only needed a throttle plate in the carburetor (cracked), $50 later I had a parts carb with good plate and my 99 YZ came to life...

I sold the YZ400 and replaced it with two brand new bikes. Bike one was a 2006 WR450 ($6,300 OTD) and bike two is a 2006 street legal Husqvarna TE510 ($8,000 OTD).

I bought my husky and the 06 WR for the electric start but when you get down to it starting is only 1% of the ride. If you are young and able don't ever trade a kick only bike that you love for an E-start bike...

I sold the 06 WR450 and got a 2002 street legal WR426. I feel it is the most awesome bike ever made, all that is good about the 99 YZ400 but with more low end. I also have a YZ seat and tank on it (gets you more forward over the tank)

Just remember that the WR400 can be rebuilt into a 426 by switching the crank, piston, cylinder and crank drive gears (transmission gears are another matter). I don't feel the WR450 had as much low end grunt as the WR426 and I know it has less of a red line RPM (11,500 vs 13,500)

I still miss my $700 99 YZ400 but the 02 426 is a happy compromise...

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