xr80 issues

Problem 1.

I just replaced the clutch plates in my xr80, scuffed up the steels, put kitaco heavy duty springs in it, and polished the cover and whatnot. When I got it the cover had a hole in it and was covered with bondo, so I got a new cover, and the cluch actuator wasn't hooked up. The new one is, but when I put it on, the clutch still doesn't disengage at all. Is the clutch baskets worn out beyond repair to cause this, because they both have a lip on the edges?:lame::bonk::lol: I just want to fix this so I can move on to my bigbore kit and put it in my vintage racer.

Problem 2

I picked up a bolton disc brake cr80 front end for it, but the master cylinder has rust in the bottom of it, and the cylinder itself doesnt work. will any master cylinder work, or do I have to look for something just for it?

Yes the clutch basket can cause that if its very worn...any mastercylinder will work as long as the bore is the same size. 'nutcase

As far as the clutch goes, it probably is either the actuator inside the cover being in backward or the spring is on the wrong side of it. Also the little adjustment screw on the side of the cover (in the lower middle) is out of adjustment.

ok, i tore apart my other xr75 motor and got the good clutch baskets out of it for my 80. I figured that would be the problem, put it together and still doesn't disengage. So I tried to adjust the bottom screw on the cover, and the cable mount on the clutch cover itself feels like it has no pressure on it when it should be disengaging the clutch. Also the xr75 motor i took apart the clutch was fine in it, so what gives? The only thing I can even think of is the stiffer Kitaco racing springs I put in it for an XR100, could those be the problem?

Ok springs weren't the problem, and now i'm thinking i'm missing an obscure part somewhere, or maybe the tranny itself isn't disengaging, Does Anybody have any help here?:lol::eek::lame::bonk:

Did you check the actuator like I said? Pull the cover and see if it pushes forward and snap back when you use the outside lever. ALso, XR80 clutches are 3 discs and 100's are 4, so you might want to measure the springs, they could be pre-loaded up.

Im having a similar problem with my 80 Xl100 which is basically the same engine as todays crf100. I put Barnett clutch springs in it and thought that was the problem which it wasnt. Put another clutch cover on it and same thing. My problem is when you start it for the first time on any day in neautral then you pull the clutch in and try to put it in gear it jumps foward and dies. I think it must be a internal tranny problem. But I also am stumped.

OK one more time. Any time you pull the cover, the actuator can come off or the inner spring can on the other side of it. It's happen to me a million times. Now every time I put the cover on, I slide it over the kick-start shaft and pull the clutch in. If it pushes the cover out, I'm good to go. I'm talking about parts 5, 6, and 7. Also, you didn't forget the washer under the pressure plate did you? casecoverRight94.gif

OK, The clutch side of it has the washer underneath the pressure plate like in the exploded view, and i know the cover actuator is right, because it can push the cover off, but when i put it on, sometimes it feels as if there is nothing, no pressure. ANY IDEAS?

ps, anybody want an old xr80?

Pm sent on the XR 80


I figured it out!! I feel like a total noob and idiot, but it was a stretched clutch cable.:lol::p:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Simple I know, and now I won't overlook the obvious.

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