Rear brake light

Is there a way to get the rear brake light to work without having to turn on the headlight. I looked at the wireing diagram and it looks like the power (blue) is switched through the headlight switch. I guess I have to run an extra power wire, to get it to work.

Might want to mention the year of the bike and any modifications, ie a DS kit.

as William said - and also - are you talking brake light or running light?? - there's a distinct difference because brake lights will NEVER be operated on a running light circuit, they are an independent circuit operated by an independent switch that is triggered through activating a brake lever - either hydraulically or magnetically.

2000 wr400. Tail/stop light. It is switched throught the Headlight switched. The rear stop light only works if the headlight (front) in turned on. I would like to know if this is normal for this bike. If so than I need to run un-interrupted power to the reat/tail light.

Ok, I have a 2000 wr 400f as well, and on mine, it has 3 wires running to the rear light (2 feeds and 1 common ground) - the two feeds are one for the running light and one for the brake light - only the running light and common are connected making one circuit for the running light which only turns on permanently when I switch the headlight on.

The 3rd wire terminates under the seat at the airbox (factory), this is where you would connect the brake switch lead to it (aftermarket), the brake switch (es) would turn on your brake light filament (1157 Dual filament bulb) whenever the brakes are activated. (uses the same common ground which is already tired in)

You would need to purchase these switches -one for the foot and one for the hand brake, then feed them with - as you have determined, a separate unswitched power feed.

Now if your brake light is already wired aftermarket with the appropriate switches, and your only concern is that it needs to have the headlight on before it works, then just tie into your harness right before the headlight switch, find the feed wire (the one that has power with the lights off) - and run the tied in wire to your brake switches after you disconnect the power feed that is currently leading to them.

As for your "normal" question - Normal - being "from the factory" is that the brake light wire terminates under the seat - no brake light on this baby in stock form.

And that brings me to the fact that you likely don't have a manual so here you go:

Thanks, I have the manual and that's what it shows. Swithed at the headlight.

I just replaced a YZ tail with a WR that has the light in it hence the confusion. Thanks though. I'll just feed a none switched power source.

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