Speedo trouble

Hey has anyone had trouble with their speedo? I just installed a new speedo on my wr426 and I can't get it working. Ive narrowed the problem down to the actual trip meter gear unit on the wheel. If I disconnect the speedo cable from the unit and turn it by hand it responds so the speedo and cable are fine, there's just no information from the gear unit.

I would have thought this would be a fairly simple mechanism. Are they prone to failing or am I missing something/what should I look for?


One of the guys that I ride with had a simular problem. I turns out that the ring gear that runs off of the wheel was slipping on the shaft. Take the wheel off and check the drive gear. It is just a press fit and some times they will loosen up.


Thanks mate. I talked to my mechanic yesterday and he said the same thing so ill pull it apart and check it out

the speedo drives on the wr's are fairly pricey so if it is shot, id recomend a trailtech, not the endurance but the vapour, i found the the endurance were no waterproof and i went through 3 before switching to the vapour, first 2 were warranty

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