TTR250 Performance Parts

Iam a little late but, HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Ive heard about either a 33mm or a 35mm carb for the TTR250 but I dont know the website for it, if anyone ahs the website could you please post it here?

Is the GYT-R muffle from yamaha better then the SX1 Stroker I got on it now?

What are some cheap motor upgrades I can get for my bike?


I have let this one sit a while to see if anybody else knows much but it seems not. There are few cheap mods, mainly jetting. Big gun exhaust was fantastic back in 99 there are big bores and big carbs but simple mod is without being a smarty or a pain is to replace it with a Yamaha WR250F.

There is the Australian built ones that were pretty wild but they were killed by the YZ250F.

Hey sorry I didnt reply, I forgot about this post!

I realize your not being rude or anything, no prob.

Iam only 15 I live in the middle of nowere so I cant get a job just yet, so this is all I & my parents can afford right now. I cant just go out and buy another bike like I buy clothes....sadly :)

If I would ever get another bike it would be either a YZ450F or a KTM250 SX I think it is.

Oh well, thanks for ya reply :D

I have a 2003 TTR250 and have rode several times and have not been happy. I know there are some things to do to the bike that will make it more responsive and add more power. I did what ACS said. One weekend in Moab did the trick. I ordered an 2003 WR250F the next day. :D Now all I have to do is wait patiently till March. :) VERY HARD TO DO by the way. Any one want a like new 2003 TTR250? Its for sale


2003 TTR250 for sale

2003 WR250F on order

2003 TTR125L wifes

2003 KFX50 daughters

2002 PW50 sons

check out thumper racing.

they make a 325cc big bore kit :)

the intake and exhaust are both very restrictive;

the motor cant breathe at high rpm.



doesn,t the muffler you have use the stock header pipe.

i think the gyt-r exhaust includes a larger header.



Raptor for a restricted budget the thing I would do next is not worry about more power is to jet it much richer, stiffen up the suspension esp the front, change the gearing for trail type riding (all fairly cheap) and ride the wheels off it. More power just doesnt mean you will be faster, its skill that makes you faster. Even get your family to spend the money on you attending a riding school. I have watched many underpowered bikes with even only OK riders on them embarras (sp?) the hoted up bike riders. My TTR125 (Ryan) and the CRF100 (Matt) are basically gutless compared to a 85 or a 125 2 stroke but I have seen them many a time beating much more powerful bikes. The TTR125 ran at an regional race in the 125 C grade junior class (about 30 riders all on late model 2 strokes) and Ryan pulled either 8th or 9th. I couldnt stop smiling, some parents were pretty well crying. Dear junior had just been whipped by a kiddie bike ridden by a true C grade rider. So get out there and ride, practice and ride some more. :)

Wow lot of repsonses!

I have ok skill ive been riding since I was 7.

I have a SX1 Slip-On the orig owner stuck on it, the bike runs fine now, no power loss or anything Iam just wondering how to make it somewere near wr250 power wise.

The GYT-R exhaust is only a free-flowing muffle, not a header pipe.

I love the bike, its reliable its fast (fastest trail bike in my small neighborhood) I cant afford to just go out and buy another bike, I couldnt even sign the papers if I wanted to iam only 15 haha.

Does anyone have any suggestions to make it like a WR250 power wise? Would the 325 big bore do it? & I also eventualy wanna get an oil cooler (severel hundred $$)

Iam trying to make it into a cross-country race bike because ive heard of people in austrailia using near-stock TTR250 for enduro and cross country.

gyt-r does make headers in both stainless and titainium...

but maybe only for the yzf s. sorry. it would be worth a

call as websites aren't always up to date and complete.


Oh I see.

They do make those head pipes for the YZ's i know.

Anyone know where I can find a complete set of front forks for a 1999TTR250? :)

Put a SuperTrapp exhaust on my ttr250 and am pleased. Bike is a little heavy but fun. Love the E start.

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