I watched motoworld on tv yesterday.They showed the new wr450 with electric start.The yamaha is the same weight as last year but that is with the magic button.After stalling my 650 on a hill yesterday the button is worth the weight to me.


For those of us that missed Motoworld, they have a short online video also, showing the WR and the electric start option. As for the weight, I love my 426 and it's current weight doesn't bother me at all. I am 6'2" and 220lbs, however. I'm glad to see the '03's will weigh the same WITH electric start.

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I've been riding a two stroke lately but I am considering getting back into the four stroke realm. I had a 98 WR400 when they first came out. The weight was a bit much as well as the tight woods handling. What is the weight of the new wr426/450 and is the handling better now days? Yes, I had the IMS seat/tank combo and all of the free mods.

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