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Any MN riders out there?

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Yes, the unthinkable might happen! I might move from "God's Country" and my beloved mountains to the northlands of Minnesota. It would be a totally job-related move...definitely not due to a lack of riding options out here!

I wanted to hear about the riding up there. We'd most likely be living around the twin cities area if we moved. What's out there?

Thanks in advance everyone!


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I did race AMA District 23 MX, http://www.armca.org/, while living in Minneapolis. None of the tracks were close to the cities, but within 3 hrs.

Bobs Cycle Supply is there http://www.bobscycle.com/; the MPLS SX during SX season; Millville (Zumbro) where the AMA Nationals are held; Plainview MX track is (was?) open for riding during the week, $25.00/day; Larson's Cycle in Cambridge, north of the Twin Cities ~ 45 minutes, sells KTM, Honda, Yamaha at SUPER prices, http://www.larsonscycle.com/.

You have the Mega Mall (Mall of America) near the Airport (MSP), Brainerd which is the Lakes Region and is famous from the movie FARGO. There is major fishing in the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" and midwesterners are known to be a friendly group of folks.

Jesse Ventura will NOT be running again.

Mpls newspaper: http://www.startribune.com/

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