04 450 won't do anything but idle!!

installed the cdi, wiring harness and coil that mikedabike sent. Should be able to test ride by this weekend.

what came of it

well, haven't really had time to ride it, but the idle is really unpredictable.. so I'm going to just remove the neutral safety switch wire. other than that I haven't been able to ride.. getting there, hopefully tomorrow or sunday.

Rode the bike for about an hour today with mikedabike's CDI, also unplugged the neutral safety switch (starts so easy, even hot was starting 1st kick every time), not sure if its the new pipe (white bro's race series found on *bay for $200 shipped!), the new jetting, or the safety switch. One time I barely even kicked it (finding TDC) and it fired up! never did that with the procom box.. anyway thank you so much mikedabike and will be sending payment for your part you so generously let me borrow! next thing is getting the syspension tuned and maybe some paddle tires for all the sand around here.

sweet :lol:

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