Who stole all the good Needles !

Damn Man....

I have been on the phone for three days trying to find an OBEKN or an OBELN needle. They are nowhere to be found in the continintal US. SUDCO is a joke, I've called them twice and got two completely different stories....

Anybody got an inside line ?

Bonzai :)

if you go to jetting Qs, JD posted some yamaha part # needles. they're more likely to be available.


Bonzai, call Mark. He probably has what you are looking for..... :)

There is now an official list held by dealers and you've been blackballed because of your views on loud pipes! It's one way to keep loud pipes out of the woods. Wait until the next time you try and purchase a spark plug Yogi!! :)

Tried all the Yamaha part #'s , and all the places mentioned.

Mike...Yer probably right...That plus my Yamaha Blue Camelback....

I'll give Mark a call....

Thanks Guy's

Bonzai :)

yamaha #'s

OBELN ~ 5NL-14916-EN-00

OBEKP ~ 5JG-14916-EP

OBEKN ~ 5JG-14916-EN

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After posting some questions myself on another topic and asking others, it seems like the best advice around here is to call Mark first - saves time. I talked to him today - thanks Mark!

Mark who and what's his number?


I have a EKP.....need it?


Originally posted by Littlefoot:

Mark who and what's his number?

I believe that the Mark in question is MX-Tuner.

Originally posted by Bill:


I have a EKP.....need it?


Thats why I keep coming back.

Thanks, I found an EKN late yesterday afternoon. Gonna have the bike's owner pick it up today.

Bonzai :)


Yeah...You made me late getting back to the office yesterday because you were so long winded on the telephone with Mark.....

(I was at his office, waiting to talk to him)

Man I thought the women in my house talked alot.

Bonzai :)

SFO - Yes Mark is "MX Tuner" Dirt Bike - local guru/mechanic here in our area. I will continue to use the TT site - I was just complimenting Mark.

Yamakazi - sorry for the long winded - hey you know what happens talking dirt bikes!

The problem is the part discription on the microficsh is wrong

I got the part number from my book ( 2000 YZ426 )

and checked it with the dealer. Same number different discription theres called it a EVN mine called it an EKN, so I ordered it anyway. I got the EKN just like my book said it was.


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