Has my headgasket gone?

Ive owned my wr400 for month but just got it on the road a couple of days ago.

Today ive noticed cream coming out of a pipe which i think is some kind of breather pipe down the left hand side of the bike,my first assumption is the headgasket has gone.

Im not losing any coolant but i know it doesnt always mix with oil when the head gasket fails.

Does anyone else think it will the headgasket thats gone or something else?





Check your oil from the dipstick, if it's normal colour you're fine. A little bit of emulsified oil coming from the breather is normal, oil mist combines with moisture from the atmosphere and creates a lovely creamy looking mixture.

Thanks for the quick reply

Ive checked the oil in th dipstick and its totally fine no cream so i take it everythings ok!

I was worried for a minute it'd be just my luck to buy a bike with head gasked failure!

Cheers :lame:

Mine does the same thing when I ride it on the road, I don't notice it when I trail ride though. It is fine!

My '00 WR400 occasionally does the same thing, as Alternative says, if the oil on the dipstick looks OK, no worry.

Cheers if everyone elses wr does the same im not worried!

Though ive just changed the oil and am worried about metal filings on the oil filter!!

Theres filings on the filter and what you could practically call wire wool on the gauze at the bottom of the frame :lame:

Not a propper large amount on the filter or gauze but im still worried!

Does anyone know if it could have done damage to the piston etc or will the filter and gauze have stopped it going any further?


my 426 did the same thing with the milky leaks, and always had metal shavings in the oil filter, just change the oil regularly and you will be fine.

No probs thanks i feel better now :lame:

it it was a blown hg, the coolant resivour would puke coolant out. that is just normal oil mist mixing with natural water

perfectly normal - the tube warms/cools continually - any humidity and you get creamy drips, no humidity for a week or so and it clears up.

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