What are your tires of choice?

What are your tires of choice? I have used the dunlop D739 a/t they seem to be ok. Ive also used the Michelin s-12 soft terrain, Im not too happy with them. What do you all think? What lasts the best and what workes good for Intermediate terrain? Does a hard tire lst longer or does it rip off tread too easy?

A lot of us are using S-12 on the rear and M-12 on the front here in the Southeast. The S-12s do seem to chunk on pavement and/or rocky dry rides (the exception here). We are trying to prepare for a ride to Colorado and wondering what will be best. Last year, some of us had Dunlop hard terrain tires (can't remember the number) which were great on the open fire roads and rocky climbs but were awful in the soft slick areas in Aspen forests. We have heard that the Dunlop 756 is a little more intermediate in nature than the S-12 and will last longer/not chunk. We know they do well in the slick/soft stuff here also. That's the way we are leaning for out west - Dunlop 756.

Has anyone used the Michelin ISDE tire which is DOT approved?

You probably won't believe it, but Dunlop's 606 (DOT) has lasted for me over a year of riding sandstone (Moab) and the other rocky trails here in Utah. The traction has been excellent in everything but sand. I've heard 739AT is excellent for our terrain.

756-FA front,S-12 on the rear, nice combo.....i like!!!!

Many of us have found the stock 739's as being an all around useless tire, not good ANYWHERE.

I have since gone to 756's. I used them in Moab as well.

The best combo i have found is s12 front and m12 rear.

I just changed on the constant recommendation of a friend to S12/M12. I had 756 and loved the back but the front sucked. The S12/M12 is an excellent combo. If I had had the 756/755 it may have been close.

Good luck,


I run S-12 all around and I love them but they do wear fast and they are exspensive. Has anyone tried the IRC M1AFRONT/M5BREAR? They seem to look a lot like the Michelins and they are a lot cheeper. Any feedback on these tires would be appreciated.

I recently purchased the Dunlop K695 in hopes of finding a tire that would outlast the 15-20 hours I was getting with the 739AT. However, the tire is lasting, but has no traction on hard pack dirt and rocky terrain. I would rather use the Dunlop 739AT and replace it every 15-20 hours and get awesome traction. As of now, I have still not found a tire that performs as well as the 739.


M12 front and an IRC M5B rear. But like it cheap. Cheng shin 755 all the way around. LOL. Mine has lasted for quite some time. And the trails that we ride Are rocky as hell. I am quite impressed with them. I just wish i could find the 560 somewhere. Any one know where to find the Cheng shin 560. thanks.

Mike68 likes his Maxxis tires.

In a recent MXA, they found the Maxxis 6001 IT to be a surprisingly good tire. I do believe it is less expensive than other tires.

If you do have to cut corners on $$$, put a good tire up front. It is easier to work w/ a squirrely rear, than a washing front end. :)

i second the maxxis 6001. Basicall the same as the M12 but 25 bucks cheaper.

Haven't seen any opinions on Pirellis...

I am (finally) going to have to replace the MT44 I have up front. It has lasted through a very rocky off-road race and an additional 20 hours of sand. I would say it wears BETTER (definitely not what Pirelli is known for) than a 756 and works just as well in the sand (and pea gravel and rocks).

For a good all around combo out west I personally would recommend a 756 or MT44 up front and a 756 or 739AT out back. I don't think the 739 up front is better at anything than the 756, except maybe asphalt...

Here in Calif, the 756 and 752 seem to be favorites. I use 756 front, will probably stick with it. Works great in dry, sandy, and rocky terrain.

I tried a Cheng Shin 755 out back, and it works surprisingly well. Think I'll do another.


Boy, If you want tough tires (rocks) that last a REALLY long time and are relativly cheap try the IRC VE39/VE40 combo or I like the VE33 too. Decent tires all the way around ... but not the best traction. You can't have everything ! :)

I have just recently switched to Michelin M12 on the rear for bit more competitive edge. I really like it. It doesn't quite last as long but much better on bothe hardpack and sand. I am considering an M12 for the front, but I have been told that tire is not as good as the rear for hardpack ?

anyway just a note....

I ride mainly soft terrain. I've tried S-12s and they were great. At least I thought so until I tried the Dunlop 773. I can't say enough good stuff about them. They stick like glue. They (and my Wr400) make me a hero.

On the advice of a friend I tried the MT44 front and S12 rear. Man, does that combo hook up. Haven't tried it in the desert yet though. I used a 756 rear and 739 front in the desert on my WR and that worked real well for me. Paul

i ride in the north east (rocks, mud, rocks, roots, rocks) and after a little searching have found that I prefer the m12 rear and s12 front. the s12 front sticks great and wears pretty good. the m12 rear hooks up way better than the s12 rear and is holding up better.

Colorado rocks and roots-- friend of mine who does alot of riding uses Pirelli m16's I asked him why-- wear evenly don't chunk and are good in the rain.

Mt44 on the front and the Kenda 760Trackmaster on the back has been the best street legal combo for me.

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