What are your tires of choice?

I like the Dunlop 756 rear. I didn't like the 756 dunlop front because the side nobs chunked off before I was ready to change the tire. I have a 773 and it is much better.

I've been trying to keep two tires in rotation. I put my old tire on if I'm going to practice/trail ride. I race my rear tire once then flip it for the next race. I race four enduro's per tire, flipping it twice. If I have a tough race/rock run I will run my practice tire.

The right air pressure makes a bigger difference to me then the sharpness of the knobs or the length.

If the terrain is soft then the sharpness matters to me. If it is sand then the length makers to me. If it is rocky then only air pressure matters.

If it is muddy in any of these conditions then I want sharp, long knobs, with a good spread to fling the mud.

I've spent money on good tire irons and have just accepted that I must change my tire almost weekly to save money.

If you're planning to go S12 on the rear, go for the 140 instead of the 130. The big blue machine can more than handle it! :)

I have the Dunlop 756 on the front and 752 on the rear (only because the dealer didn't have a 756 rear). The are great around here except for the street. A little squirrely when on asphalt.


S12 front and S12 140/80 rear. Center knobs wear nicely, cornering knobs will chunk

I'm a bridgestone man... I run an M59/M40 combo and I like it a lot for the conditions I ride in the most. Can you say sand? They cross over to hard pack pretty good with the right air pressure.

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