Devol Radiator Guards?

Could anyone tell me what the stock number is for Devol Radiator Guards for a 01 WR 426? Also, will the same guard fit on a 02 WR 250? I have been looking for hours and can't find it. Aaaahhh!

The website ( ) lists the '02 WR250f rad guard as part #wrf-0092 and the WR 426 part for '01-'02 as #yz-0194. Hope this helps. WR Dave.

I'd call Devol and check. When I ordered them, there was some confusion as to the YZ and WR. I'm pretty sure the WR radiators are larger and the YZ guards will not fit.

WR Dave, Winter sucks???? Not in Arizona it doesn't. That's the only time a year we can ride. To dang hot in the summer.


Just order them from the TT store as it will help keep our favorite site alive.

Right on! I will order them from the TT store! They are less money than my local dealer. I just found some on ebay starting at $25 but they are for a wr 250. Thanks guys!

WR Dave, Winter sucks???? Not in Arizona it doesn't. That's the only time a year we can ride. To dang hot in the summer.

Hey, what's up David! Good to see you here.

I agree winter is AWESOME, but I ride pretty much year round. The heat can suck pretty bad at times, but it never ices over the trails. :)

Hey vmaxcbr900wr426

You sure the radiators are different on a YZ and WR?

I though they came the same just one was timed for enduro, the YZ for MX....

Please enlighten me...

I just installed YZ400 DEVOL rad guards on my 1999 WR400 and they fitted just fine. Quite impressed with them - appear strong and look tidy. They do tend to force the radiator shrouds out a bit further though. I just hope they offer adequate side impact protection during a lowside - which is screwing my rads!!!

do a search on rad bar, me and a couple buddys made them and they help with side impact greatly. :) very light weight and simple to me if search does not work.

I checked and it seems the WR426 and YZ426 (5JG-12461-00-00) in 2001 are the same. The WR400 (5BF-12461-00-00) and YZ400 (5BE-12461-00-00) have different part numbers for the radiators.

I had just remembered some difference being discussed in one of the posts a while ago. Sorry for any confusion. I ordered these about 9 months ago and at the time, the chart I was looking at didn't have the WR426 listed so I had to call.

Kevin (neWRiver),

I've been here before a few times, but I never knew you were a moderator. Going for the big time I see. See you on the trails

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