2002 yz426f carb rubber bellows ???

Can anyone help just noticed that the rubberbellows thing that runs from the carb to the airfilter has a short rubber tube on top of it should this have anything coming off it as its just an open tube on mine and im scared im gonna get water in it when i wash it

cheers Dave

Take a closer look. The hole in that stub is blind (or should be). It doesn't go anywhere, and nothing belongs in it.

If the hole is open make sure you block it off immediately.

If it is open you are sucking unfiltered air into your engine.

If it is open the reason is probably because the PO did a crankcase breather modification (Yamaha make a kit) - see a recent post on this forum that had pictures of this kit fitted.

thanks grayracer and DeeCee , yep you were right grayracer its blocked off,i feel like such a dumbass now:lol:

Cheers guys


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